Chapter 223: Things That Zhao Ziteng Hid

Hearing that someone was here, the mother and son of the Zhao family and Song Zixuan subconsciously looked towards the door, but found no one there.

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The three of them immediately thought of Lu Zijia’s identity, so they weren’t doubtful about it.

Although Mu Tianyan and Mu Yunhao weren’t cultivators, they were also Martial Artists.
They certainly heard the approaching footsteps outside.

However, when seeing the mother and her son that appeared at the door, the expressions of the mother and son of the Zhao family both changed.

“Sister Yuhua.”

Qi Anyan stood at the door and didn’t come in, but greeted Liang Yuhua first.

“Aunt Zhao, Brother Ziteng.”

Even though Zhao Hengliang also greeted them, he was a bit unwilling.

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“Why are you here?”

Song Zixuan had seen the photos of the two of them, so he certainly recognized Qi Anyan and her son.
He couldn’t help feeling a bit confused about their appearance.

Since Zhao Wentian had been good to Qi Anyan and her son for so many years, the relationship between Liang Yuhua and Qi Anyan was very subtle.
And now, Qi Anyan even came to find them.

Song Zixuan had to imagine the scene where the mistress came to force the legal wife to give up her position with her bastard son.

“I know something happened to Wentian, so I came to see if there’s anything I can do to help.”

Qi Anyan first glanced at Liang Yuhua anxiously.
Seeing that she wasn’t angry, she answered Song Zixuan.

After that, as if she was afraid Liang Yuhua would misunderstand, she quickly explained again, “Sister Yuhua, I don’t mean anything else.
Wentian is our savior, so I…”

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“I understand.” Before Qi Anyan finished talking, Liang Yuhua interrupted her.

Seeing Liang Yuhua’s indifferent attitude, Zhao Hengliang couldn’t stand it in in the end and he said a bit furiously, “Aunt Zhao, I know it’s easy to make people misunderstand us as Uncle Zhao has been helping unconditionally for so many years.

“However, my mother and I have always had a clear conscience all these years.
My mother has nothing to do with Uncle Zhao.

“For so many years, you’ve also sent a lot of people to keep an eye on me and my mother.
So, you should know that my Mom and Uncle Zhao have always been innocent!”

For so many years, if it weren’t for Zhao Wentian’s kindness, Zhao Hengliang would have said these things to Liang Yuhua a long time ago.

Liang Yuhua first frowned after hearing that.

Something immediately came to her mind and she subconsciously looked at her son next to her.

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“I know.”

Liang Yuhua didn’t explain much and only said “I know” indifferently, which was the same as acquiescing to what Zhao Hengliang said about keeping an eye on them.

Seeing that she was still indifferent, Zhao Hengliang couldn’t help feeling angry in his heart.
However, when he was about to say something, his mother stopped him.

“Stop talking nonsense!”

Qi Anyan scolded her son severely, which was rare for her.

Even though Zhao Hengliang was still a bit unwilling in his mind, he didn’t say anything after all.

Zhao Ziteng looked at his mother with a complicated gaze as all kinds of emotions surged in his heart.

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His mother didn’t deny it, so she already knew that he was the one who did those things?

Well, his mother knew him best since he was little.

“It’s not my Mom.
It’s me.
I sent those people there.
They have nothing to do with my Mom.”

When Zhao Ziteng spoke, Liang Yuhua wanted to stop him, but Zhao Ziteng still insisted on talking about it.

“To be honest, I used to hate you very much.
Because of you, my Dad would leave our family suddenly.
Even on my Mom’s birthday, he left to help you without hesitation.

“For more than twenty years, for more than twenty years.
Tell me, shouldn’t I hate you and your mother?”

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