not angry, he even smiled? Right, he really smiled!

Mu Tianyan ignored Song Zixuan’s shocked gaze and the corners of his mouth curved up with obvious joy.

Even his voice was particularly “gentle.” “As a husband, how can I let you work alone while I rest? I should stay with you.”

Hearing him call himself her husband, Lu Zijia couldn’t help feeling frustrated and speechless.

This man was really getting more and more used to it.

Seeing that Lu Zijia “agreed,” the corners of Mu Tianyan’s mouth curved up more and he immediately gave Mu Tianyan a signal with his eyes.

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After receiving the message, Mu Yunhao quickly found an excuse to get up and go upstairs, and he even “invited” Song Zixuan to go with him.

Lu Zijia watched as Mu Yunhao carried Song Zixuan upstairs like he was a chicken and the corners of her mouth couldn’t help twitching.

Lu Zijia turned her head and met Mu Tianyan’s “gentle” gaze.
After a long time, Lu Zijia lost and ignored him.

If he wanted to stay, let him be.
She just had to ignore him and do her own thing anyway.

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia picked up the talisman brush and started drawing the Tracking Talisman again without hesitation.

As Lu Zijia drew the talisman, Mu Tianyan’s eyes gradually landed on her pure and gorgeous face.

At this moment, her expressionless face gave him a solemn and inviolable feeling.

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Soon, Mu Tianyan turned his gaze back on the talisman Lu Zijia was drawing and his eyes gradually darkened.

Neither of them spoke again.
The atmosphere in the huge living room seemed calm and harmonious.

However, the room where the mother and son of the Zhao family were at right now wasn’t calm.
Or rather, they couldn’t calm down at all.

After Zhao Ziteng sent his mother back to her room, he originally wanted to persuade his mother to rest to calm herself for the night.

And yet, no matter how he persuaded his mother, she couldn’t calm down, so he could only continue staying with her.

In fact, he wasn’t very calm in his mind either.
He just suppressed it temporarily and didn’t show it like his mother.

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