o praise him.

Lu Zijia nodded and complimented him for his mature behavior cooperatively, “Right, right, you have great foresight.
This is the best thing you’ve done.”

Song Zixuan, who finally heard Lu Zijia’s compliment, immediately became cocky.

A man with a strong aura found his arrogant look very unpleasant.

So, the complacent Song Zixuan suddenly felt a cold gaze on him, making him shiver hard unconsciously.

Song Zixuan subconsciously looked at the few people here and found that no one was looking at him, so he couldn’t help feeling a bit dumbfounded.

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Suddenly, he seemed to have pictured something.
He subconsciously pulled his clothes together with his hands and huddled on the couch.

He looked like he couldn’t wait to merge with the couch.

Mu Yunhao noticed his small movements and couldn’t help but look at him with a weird look.

Apparently, he didn’t understand what kind of a habit it was.

Lu Zijia, who took the photos, didn’t notice the small movements of the few of them, so she had no idea that a certain man was unconsciously jealous because of her…

Jiang Jinfu had the face of a typical villain, and he was also a ruthless person.

For the sake of money, he could definitely do something like killing people.

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Luckily, he had a short life, or Zhao Hanlin wouldn’t be the only one who was killed by him.

“Madam, did you see anything?”

After Lu Zijia put down the photo, Mu Tianyan asked again.

Mu Yunhao on the side suddenly realized that his Second Master seemed to talk a lot more when he was with Madame?

Lu Zijia didn’t hide anything.
In fact, there was nothing to hide.
“This person has a short life.
He should have died a long time ago.”

“So, the evil spirit you’re talking about is probably Jiang Jinfu?” Mu Yunhao couldn’t help but interrupt.

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