Chapter 214: The Effect of Mu Tianyan’s Power

Knowing that Mu Mingze and the others were having a hard time, Mu Yunhao didn’t hide his gloating at all.

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This showed how much he disliked the members of the Ancient Martial Arts Mu family.


Seeing Mu Tianyan and the others go up to the second floor, Lu Zijia didn’t follow them, but took out talisman paper and cinnabar to draw talismans.

She promised to draw talismans for the unlucky Song Zixuan when he came back.

300,000 yuan wasn’t a small amount for three talismans either.

Of course, apart from drawing three Blessing Talismans, she also wanted to draw a Tracking Talisman.

However, it was still a bit difficult for her to draw a Tracking Talisman with her current level.

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And yet, she still wanted to try.
After all, Zhao Wentian only had less than a day and a half left.

If they still couldn’t find traces of that evil spirit during this period of time, it would be a bit of a problem.

However, what Lu Zijia didn’t expect was that Song Zixuan brought her a bit of surprising news.

When Song Zixuan came back, it was almost five.

The mother and son of the Zhao family had already returned five minutes before Song Zixuan did.

After knowing the presence of Mu Tianyan and the others and the relationship between Mu Tianyan and Lu Zijia, the mother and son of the Zhao family were totally shocked!

Everyone in the upper class society of the capital city knew Mu Tianyan’s name.

Of course, she also knew how cruel Mu Tianyan was at the same time.

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People even secretly called him the “Living King of Hell.”

So, after the shock, the mother and son of the Zhao family were a bit frightened and anxious.

The Zhao family was in a pretty good financial situation, but it was nothing compared to Mu Tianyan’s family.

Luckily, after being comforted by Lu Zijia, the mother and son of the Zhao family were finally not so afraid of Mu Tianyan.

However, she dared not to say anything to Mu Tianyan, for fear that she might say something wrong.

“Mu… Mu Tianyan?!”

Song Zixuan, who got a lot of useful information, pushed the door open and entered the old mansion of the Zhao family excitedly.

But before he said anything, he saw Mu Tianyan sitting next to Lu Zijia.

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At this moment, Lu Zijia was still drawing talismans, while Mu Tianyan was watching her do so seriously.

People who had no idea what was going on would exclaim in admiration when they saw this scene, “What a wonderful couple!”

Hearing someone call his name, Mu Tianyan looked up slightly and glanced at Song Zixuan coldly.

Song Zixuan felt a chill run through his body after being glanced at by him and he couldn’t help shivering.

Being close to Lu Zijia, Song Zixuan had already known that he would meet Mu Tianyan one day.

But he had never thought that this day would come so quickly.

Even under such circumstances…

Mu Tianyan glanced at Song Zixuan and looked away, as if he didn’t notice Song Zixuan’s weird look.

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Seeing that Song Zixuan was back, Lu Zijia finally stopped drawing talismans.

“So? Did you find anything?”

Lu Zijia put down the talisman brush as she looked up and asked Song Zixuan.

Song Zixuan looked at Mu Tianyan and then at Lu Zijia.
Seeing that she had no intention of introducing Mu Tianyan, he replied, “Yes, that person called Jiang Jinfu does exist.

“And yet, he has been missing for 22 years.”

Hearing about Jiang Jinfu, an obvious look of shock appeared on Liang Yuhua’s face.

Lu Zijia keenly noticed her changes.
“Madam Zhao, do you know Jiang Jinfu?”

Liang Yuhua’s expression changed, but she still nodded.
“I know him.
He’s from the village next to ours.
He’s a gangster.
He used to come to our village to fool around.”

For some reason, Liang Yuhua suddenly felt a sense of panic, so she subconsciously hid a part of it.

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