“Alright then, let’s get divorced! Don’t ever think that I would continue to like you, the disgusting hypocritical scumbag!”

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“But I am telling you now.
I am going to get all the properties I deserve even when I am divorced.
Don’t ever dream about stealing one penny from me!”

“Otherwise, we will meet in court and let’s see who is going to be humiliated!”

Having said those words, Du Xiangjun walked towards their room on the first floor with her back straight and her daughter’s hands in hers.


In the past, Du Xiangjun thought that only by staying at the Lu Family would she be able to gain back the portion of properties that belonged to her daughter.

But now she suddenly realized that her idea in the past few years had been totally mistaken.


Judging from how Lu Bochuan and Old Master Lu disliked her daughter, she was not going to get anything from the Lu Family even if she spent her whole life here.

What was more, her daughter might be stuck in the Lu Family her whole life or even become the bargaining chip for a marriage alliance between families.


She wanted neither of those.

Therefore, she had to leave the Lu Family with her daughter.

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Lu Zijia, who was urged to pack by Du Xiangjun, suddenly smiled at the sight of Du Xiangjun’s figure.

She had thought that she would have to persuade Du Xiangjun to leave the Lu Family.

Unexpectedly, however, Du Xiangjun made the decision herself.

“Sorry, love, I have given you so much trouble during these past few years.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t make you suffer any more.
You will not be bullied by anyone any more.”


Du Xiangjun, who had just finished packing, could not help but feel heartstring stricken at the sight of her daughter’s smiling face.

The strong feeling of guilt shrouded her so deeply that she could not help but raise her hand just to slap herself.

However, Lu Zijia stopped her.

“Mom, you have not caused me any trouble.
The Lu Family are people without hearts, and they will be punished sooner or later.”

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“And also, from today on, I will keep you protected so you won’t be troubled by anything, mom.”

Lu Zijia said with a serious face.
Resolution filled up her bright, large eyes.

Thanks to the original host’s memories Lu Zijia had inherited Du Xiangjun’s truly selfless behavior as a mother, and Lu Zijia became fond of this woman.

She also made a decision inwardly – she was going to respect and love Du Xiangjun as if she were her real mother.


Only now did Du Xiangjun find that her daughter seemed quite different today.


She was no longer timid and intimidated.
Instead, she looked quite mysterious and difficult to fathom.


Du Xiangjun did not dwell upon the slight changes happening to her daughter.
She thought that something must have happened the night before, causing the changes in her daughter.


As she thought about this, Du Xiangjun got even more irritated about the Lu Family and the mistress.

She truly believed that the shameless mistress must have done something about her daughter’s absence the night before.

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And that hypocritical scumbag, Lu Bochuan, must have known about that too.
He probably even set up his own daughter together with that mistress.

“Alright, alright, I believe that you are definitely going to be okay!”

With tears in her eyes, Du Xiangjun nodded constantly in happiness.

It was the first time in years that her daughter had said such sweet words to her.
She got so happy that she almost burst into tears.

They soon finished packing, since they did not have much to pack anyway.

As they passed by the hall, Du Xiangjun did not show any sign of weakness.
With her back straight, she walked out of the Lu Family one step after another, looking very resolute.

The strange thing was that despite the terrible look on both Lu Bochuan and Old Master Lu’s faces, they did not have the intention of stopping them.

Lu Zijia had no idea why they would let go of them so easily….

But she could predict that they were definitely going to have some other plans later.

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“Wait, mom.”

As they passed by the fountain in the garden, Lu Zijia suddenly called Du Xiangjun and asked her to stop.

Confused, Du Xiangjun saw Lu Zijia squatting down, pretending to adjust her shoes.

However, she actually removed a wooden placard hanging around her neck and tossed it into a crack in the fountain.

“Jia, what are you doing…?”

Du Xiangjun could not help but ask her in confusion, seeing what she had done.

That wooden placard was given by Lu Bochuan when she was one year old.
During the past few years, the daughter cherished this placard deeply.
Why did she throw it away now?

“Nothing special, just giving back whatever that belongs to the Lu Family.”

Lu Zijia spoke in such a calm way as if she were just giving back that placard to the Lu Family.

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