e woman, we’ll be enemies forever!”

Song Zixuan couldn’t control himself as he shouted in the direction where Lu Zijia left.

Hearing the shout behind, Lu Zijia sped up again.

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At this moment, Lu Zijia couldn’t help but feel that this life seemed much more interesting than her previous one.

It was quite interesting to see Song Zixuan, this unlucky man, being pissed from time to time.

Luckily, Song Zixuan had no idea what she was thinking right now, or their boat of friendship would probably sink.

As Lu Zijia expected, a Martial Artist knocked on the door of the Zhao family’s old mansion less than a minute after she returned.

“Who are you? Can I help you?”

Lu Zijia opened the door like nothing had happened, as if she didn’t notice the Martial Artists running up to the second floor from the back of the house.

The ones who knocked on the door were a man and a woman in their twenties.
After confirming that Lu Zijia was just a “weak woman,” they didn’t care much about her.

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The woman immediately showed Lu Zijia the photo on the phone like a routine.
“We’re here to find something.
Have you seen this plant?”

When facing ordinary people, Martial Artists always had a sense of arrogance, and their tone when talking to Lu Zijia was neither good nor bad.

Lu Zijia took a look at the photo and found that it was taken before the “Namo Buddha Lotus” matured.

“I’ve never seen it.
Is it a flower or grass? Is it valuable? If I tell you when I see it in the future, will you pay me?”

Lu Zijia looked at the two of them happily.
Her miserly look made the two Martial Artists show disdain.

“Forget it if you’ve never seen it.”

After noticing that their friends upstairs had left, the two of them didn’t bother to waste any more time on Lu Zijia and they left after saying this.

Seeing the two of them leave, Lu Zijia couldn’t help showing a disappointed look.

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