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Otherwise, they would probably have starved to death.

After getting a lot of information from Qi Anyan, Lu Zijia said goodbye and left.

However, before she went to Jianghe Village to investigate Jiang Jinfu, she received a call from Song Zixuan.

After hanging up the call, Lu Zijia couldn’t help but exclaim, “It’s great to have power and influence!”

Song Zixuan brought her good news in less than half a day.

Lu Zijia walked out of the hospital and directly took a cab to the police station in Creek Town.

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When she arrived, Song Zixuan was already waiting at the entrance.

“I’ve already talked to the people inside.
You can go take a look, but someone will come with you and you can’t touch that skeleton either.”

Seeing Lu Zijia get off the cab, Song Zixuan took the initiative to walk over and said to her.

Lu Zijia nodded.
“It’s alright, I just need to see that skeleton.”

Hearing that, Song Zixuan was slightly relieved.

This was the first time he could help Lu Zijia.
If he couldn’t satisfy Lu Zijia, he would feel like he was useless.

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Luckily, Lu Zijia was apparently quite satisfied with his performance.

Song Zixuan brought Lu Zijia into the police station and a cop soon came to greet them.
They were quite polite to Song Zixuan.

The cop took the two of them to a room in the innermost part of the police station.
The skeleton found in the mountain behind Zhao Village was there.

That cop seemed to be a bit afraid of that skeleton, so he only stood at the door and watched, not following them in.

Lu Zijia walked into the room where the skeleton was kept without changing her expression.
There was an unknown emotion flashing in her eyes.

The skeleton had already been put together.
Judging from the bones, Lu Zijia could see that the owner of this skeleton was a man.

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