Lu Zijia was confused.
“Why did you dare not to?”

“When I knew that something happened to my family back then, I came back from my parents’ home in a hurry with my son.

“After knowing that my husband had already been burnt, I even passed out on the spot.
When I woke up, it was already two days later.”

Qi Anyan subconsciously grabbed the blanket with both hands and her body couldn’t help but tremble slightly.
“After I woke up, I wanted to tell the police that my husband might have been murdered.

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“But… but someone threw a dead chicken at me on the way and asked me to shut my mouth, or my son and I would end up like my husband.”

“I was already under the weather that day.
After being scared by him, I ran back in fear.

“But when I recovered after two days, I wanted to report to the police again, but I met the person who threw a dead chicken at me again on my way.

“He even warned me that he would kill my son if I didn’t shut my mouth completely.”

Speaking of this, Qi Anyan’s body trembled even more seriously.
“It can be said to be a coincidence after the first time, but it isn’t a coincidence anymore after the second and third time.

“That person was watching me.
That person was really watching the two of us.
I dared not to bet my son’s life on it, so after the third time, I stopped thinking about going to the police.”

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“Who is that person?” Lu Zijia looked at her eyes and asked seriously.

Qi Anyan shook her head a bit hesitantly.
“That man wrapped himself up tight.
I couldn’t see his face at all, but I’m sure he’s a man.

“Also, I remember that the shoes that man was wearing were exactly the same as those of a gangster from Jianghe Village next to us.
Even his voice sounded a bit like him.

“I was really too scared at that time and I didn’t dare to confirm it, so I still can’t be certain if it’s him up till now.”

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