explained anything to you after so many years.

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“If he really sees you as his only wife, he shouldn’t neglect your feelings and treat you like this!”

Everything about his father was great, but everything changed when something happened to Qi Anyan.

After seeing his mother cry secretly because of this throughout these years, he became resentful towards his father and Qi Anyan.

Until last week, he finally couldn’t help himself and followed his father so he could find out the relationship between the two of them and see if they were just normal classmates like his father said!

However, he was afraid that his father and the villages would notice him at that time, so he dared not to go too close.
He only returned to the capital after seeing his father take that woman to the hospital.

“Son, your Dad, your Dad, he… is in fact a good man.
He’s just too stubborn about some things.”

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Liang Yuhua actually felt wronged in her mind throughout these years and she even cried several times secretly because of this.

And yet, as time passed, she gradually became numb and stopped crying again because she knew that she wouldn’t be able to change her husband’s decision even if she cried.

Zhao Ziteng opened his mouth as he gazed at his mother, but he didn’t say anything else in the end.

However, he apparently didn’t quite agree with what Liang Yuhua said, judging by his expression.

Leaving his wife and son behind for another woman and making his wife cry, could he still be considered a good man?

Seeing the mother and son go into silence, Lu Zijia said at an appropriate time, “Master Zhao, please ask around about who the skeleton found on the mountain belonged to tomorrow.”

Zhao Ziteng nodded.

“Do you think that evil spirit has something to do with the skeleton on the mountain behind the village? Or is the skeleton that evil spirit?” Song Zixuan, who had been silent on the side for a while, asked.

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