Chapter 177: The Poison in Mu Tianyan

In order to hide her embarrassment, Lu Zijia quickly changed the subject without caring if it was odd or not.

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“Second Master, did you reject the person who poisoned you, so she hated you because of love?”

If not, how would someone do such an evil thing?

The poison in Mu Tianyan’s body could totally be described with a complaining saying in this world: This is fucking bad!

“What do you mean?” Mu Yunhao asked before Mu Tianyan did.

Even though Lu Zijia was talking nonsense seriously most of the time, the hidden meaning inside could be heard if they listened to some of her words carefully.

Lu Zijia looked at Mu Tianyan, then at Mu Yunhao.
Seeing that both of them didn’t really understand what she meant, she couldn’t help but feel a bit confused in her mind.

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Perhaps even Mu Tianyan, the poisoned person himself, didn’t know what poison he got?

Otherwise, he should be able to understand what she hinted so obviously right away.

Thinking of this, Lu Zijia didn’t go around the bush either.
She directly asked Mu Tianyan, “Do you know that you’ve been poisoned?”


Mu Tianyan’s expression remained unchanged, as if he wasn’t surprised that she could diagnose him as being poisoned.

However, what Lu Zijia said next finally made his cold face change.

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“Then, do you know the poison in your body is called ‘Yangyan Worm Water?’

“As the name suggests, Yangyan Worm Water is a strong poison from Yangyan Worms.
The poisoned person won’t be affected immediately.
The poison only starts working when a Yangyan Worm is born in the body.

“Once the poison starts working, the poisoned person will be in overwhelming pain and the Yangyan Worms will even feed on the person’s internal energy at the same time.

“In these three years, your internal energy didn’t improve at all and your level even dropped.
Am I right?”

There were also Yangyan Worms in the cultivation world, but they were just ordinary venomous insects.

As for Yangyan Worm Water, it didn’t affect cultivators much.
They could cure it by controlling their spiritual power to go around their bodies once.

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However, it should be very difficult to find a cure for people in this world? If not, Mu Tianyan wouldn’t still be struggling to cure it after three years, considering his identity.

“You… You know about this poison!”

Hearing Lu Zijia say the name of the poison precisely and even talk about the source and uses of the venomous insect, Mu Yunhao couldn’t help but feel stunned at this moment.

Lu Zijia surprisingly told them about the poison that they still hadn’t found anything about after researching and investigating for more than three years.
He found this completely unbelievable.

Compared to Mu Yunhao’s shock and disbelief, Mu Tianyan’s reaction was relatively calmer.

However, his expression also changed slightly.

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Those deep eyes that were looking at Lu Zijia even became like bottomless whirlpools.
People might be sucked into the bottomless abyss if they weren’t careful enough.

“Is it strange that I know about it?”

Although she was an all-element spirit root in her previous life, she was also a genius who had mastered the skills of the five areas, alchemy, weapon refining, array formation, talismans, and inscriptions.

Since she was proficient in the skills of the five areas at the same time, her understanding and knowledge of these areas were quite deep as well.

So, she certainly knew about Yangyan Worms, an ordinary venomous insect.

For Lu Zijia’s natural response, Mu Yunhao didn’t know what to say for a second.

However, even though Lu Zijia was a bit suspicious, she knew what poison the Second Master got after all.

After knowing what poison it was, it should be slightly easier to find a cure than it was before.

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