nswered her own question, “I think you have very poor understanding.

“Xiao Hao, you’re the Second Master’s right-hand man.
It’s not good that you have such poor understanding!

“If you continue to be like this, your Second Master will fire you,” Lu Zijia said seriously on the outside while looking at Mu Yunhao with pity in her bright eyes.

She seemed like she was indifferent, but she was in fact scheming in her mind!

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Xiao Hao wanted to kill her just now.
She would truly feel sorry for herself if she didn’t make him panic.

As expected, Mu Yunhao, who felt Lu Zijia’s obviously sympathetic gaze: “…”

Without waiting for Mu Yunhao to speak, Lu Zijia said first, “We can just forget about the Second Master firing you for now.

“But we must talk about the fact that I saved your Second Master just now properly.

“If I didn’t smack your Second Master in time to help him spit out the blood, he would have really been seriously injured.

“So, as the Second Master’s right-hand man, shouldn’t you thank me for your Second Master?” Lu Zijia asked as she straightened her legs and put her hands behind her back, looking completely like she was waiting for Mu Yunhao to thank her.

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Mu Yunhao: “…”

So, he misunderstood Madame just now?

However, he couldn’t be blamed for misunderstanding her.
Who asked his Madame to smack the Second Master all of a sudden?

Besides, he saw the Second Master spurt out blood with his own eyes.

In the situation just then, everyone would think that Madame injured the Second Master…

Alright, this actually couldn’t change the fact that he indeed misunderstood Madame either.

Mu Yunhao had always distinguished kindness and hatred very clearly.
Although she still thought that Lu Zijia’s appearance was very suspicious, he also knew what she said was true, so he decided to apologize and thank her.

However, before he spoke, Mu Tianyan first opened his thin lips and said, “Thank you.”

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