When he heard from the doctor that he just got some light scratches and that he did not even need to be hospitalized, he showed a look of disbelief.

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Then he suddenly thought of something.
He groped around in the pocket that held the amulet.

Yet, what he got was nothing more than a pinch of black dust, which was easily blown away by the wind.

With eyes upon his palm, the driver got so excited that he became flushed.
He wished that he could time-travel back in the past to kowtow to Lu Zijia for her rescue.

As he felt gratified inwardly, he felt that it had been right of him not to be so stupid as to open the amulet folded with a 100 yuan note a while ago.

If he had opened the amulet, the consequence would have been… as the driver thought of that, he could not help but shiver in cold sweat.


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Lu Zijia walked all the way to the Lu Family’s villa, causing numerous strange looks from the residents in the zone.

But Lu Zijia did not care about the peculiar looks cast from the people around.
She did not seem to have sensed the whispers said by them.
In full calmness, she went back to the Lu Family’s villa.

A servant, who was sweeping the floor, instantly scooped out his phone as if sending a text report to someone when Lu Zijia approached her.

Lu Zijia glanced at the servant calmly, stopped, and continued to head towards the villa.

“Sister, thank god you are here.
We were all worried about you when you did not come home last night.”

Lu Zijia had just stepped into the hall of the villa when she saw a seemingly-concerned girl with long, curly hair greeting her.

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Lu Zijia recognized this seemingly-concerned girl in front of her – it was Lu Wanyuan, the half-sister of the original host.

When Lu Wanyuan was about to take her hand, Lu Zijia slyly dodged the move.

According to the original host’s memories, Lu Wanyuan was treating her half-sister and everyone in the Lu Family was very satisfied with her behavior.
But on the other hand, the original host was getting less and less pleased by how her half-sister was behaving.

After dozens of years, Lu Wanyuan became the eldest lady of the Lu Family and was deeply adored by everyone.
But the original host, in common with her mother, became the worst treated being in the Lu Family.

It had undoubtedly been Lu Wanyuan and her mistress mother who had caused all of this to happen.

But the Lu Family were not nice people either.

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“Jiajia, oh thank god, Jiajia, you are here.
Great that you are doing fine…”

Before Lu Wanyuan was able to continue, another silhouette appeared in front of Lu Zijia.
She kept sizing her up and down, trying to find out if she was injured.

Making sure that her daughter was not injured, Du Xiangjun took hold of her daughter with tears rolling out of her eyes.
She was shivering slightly, and she was still so worried!

Lu Zijia could tell that the original host’s mother was truly concerned about her daughter and that she loved her deeply.

Even though she did not like to stay so close to people, she still controlled herself and didn’t push her away.

“Sorry mom.
I made you worried.”

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Lu Zijia patted Du Xiangjun’s back in a weird way, consoling her with a soft voice.


“Sister, why are you dressed in pajamas?” Lu Wanyuan, who was ignored by the mother and the daughter, asked what she was thinking inwardly as if she had no idea what had happened.

But soon, she apologized directly as if she had realized the improperity of the words, “Sorry, mom, I did not mean that.”

“Please, sister, I hope you don’t mind.
Don’t be angry with me alright.
I am sorry.”

Lu Wanyuan’s apologetic words, which seemed to have been said in a seemingly unintentional way, was actually blackening Lu Zijia’s name.

She was also reminding the people present that Lu Zijia had been outside for one night and was now dressed in pajamas.


Thanks to Lu Wanyuan’s “unintentional” reminder as well as Lu Zijia’s “strong evidence”, people could not help but start to think that something indecent must have happened.


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