on “confess without being pressed,” Fang Yueqiu was very anxious in her mind as his mother!

She was afraid that the master would have a bad impression of her son, so she quickly came up and smoothed things over.

“Ahem, silly boy, Master Lu is only joking with you.
Why are you so nervous?”

Song Zixuan: “…”

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“Master Lu, right? You have really good hearing.
If the cops send you to eavesdrop on intel, it’ll totally be a piece of cake for you.”

Zhao Kexin, who thought that Lu Zijia wasn’t reliable just now, looked at Lu Zijia in admiration at this moment.
She just hadn’t pounced on Lu Zijia and given her a hug or something.

Lu Zijia nodded with a smile.

“Right, right, but that kind of work doesn’t suit me.”

“Why?” Zhao Kexin asked subconsciously.

Lu Zijia replied without thinking, “Because that kind of job is too sneaky.
I’m an upright master.
How can I do something so sneaky?”

Zhao Kexin tilted her head and pondered for a while, then nodded in agreement.

“That seems to make sense.”

Everyone else: “…”

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“You said you’re a master.
So, what do you know?” Zhao Kexin looked at Lu Zijia and asked in anticipation.

Even though Zhao Kexin was already a 23-year-old adult, she still had the heart of a teenage girl.

“Quite a lot.
I know a bit of fortune-telling and also Feng Shui of mansions and tombs.
Do you want to come for fortune-telling?

“My charges are very cheap.
It only costs 10,000 yuan for a fortune-telling each time.
What do you think? It’s cheap, isn’t it?”

Lu Zijia counted with her fingers and immediately started doing business right there.
That was totally…

Song Zixuan, who knew Lu Zijia’s miserly nature, couldn’t help but feel frustrated after seeing that.

Zhao Kexin wanted to nod right away, but something suddenly came to her mind as she immediately changed her words, “Master, you should go help my Dad first.

“When my Dad’s alright, I’ll come to you for fortune-telling.
Is that okay?”

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