Hiss, hiss…

As soon as the little thunder ball touched the water in the cup, it swam around happily like a fish returning to the sea.

Immediately, the three people present saw a wisp of black smoke rush out of the water anxiously after the little thunder ball swam around.
However, before the black smoke escaped the room, it was turned into ashes by Mu Tianyan.

Duanmu Heng asked in shock, “Senior, that was…?”

If he wasn’t wrong, the wisp of black smoke seemed to be conscious just then!

“It’s the Spirit Dispersion Gu.
The Spirit Dispersion Gu isn’t a Gu right from the beginning.
It’s only after devouring enough evolved spiritual power in the human body that it can become the Spirit Dispersion Gu.”

Lu Zijia’s gaze shifted to the kettle and she narrowed her eyes slightly.
“And the Spirit Dispersion Gu in your body hasn’t completely evolved, so your cultivation level can be maintained at the sixth level of Qi practicing.
Once the Spirit Dispersion Gu completely evolved, not only would your spirit root be destroyed in a few days and you would become a mortal, but you would even die of old age quickly.
Obviously, the person who poisoned you doesn’t want to keep you alive.”

Hearing what Lu Zijia said, Duanmu Heng’s already pale face immediately became even paler.

“Right, the forbidden medicine in the cultivation world of the Spirit Dispersion Gu, and the materials used to make it are extremely rare.
They won’t appear in the Delin country at all.”

In order to improve her state of mind in her previous life, Lu Zijia walked out of Delin Country many times and even went to the Hongtian Empire, which was a big country that Delin Country submitted to.

She learned about the Spirit Dispersion Gu by accident when she went out to train.

As Lu Zijia spoke, Duanmu Heng’s expression became uglier and uglier.
“So, Senior suspects that the person who poisoned me isn’t from Delin Country? Or perhaps, the person who poisoned me is working with someone from another country?”

Lu Zijia glanced at him with a faint smile.
“Doesn’t the Fourth Prince already have an answer in his mind?”


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