Chapter 134: The Flattering Golden Pagoda

As soon as Lu Zijia threw the emeralds into the Ancient Space, the golden pagoda’s soft voice came in her mind.

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“Woohoo! Master, you finally remembered me!”

The golden pagoda, which had been forgotten by its master for two days, seemed extremely excited.
Its voice was full of joy.

But the next second, the golden pagoda cried again.

However, the cry this time was completely different from the happy cry just then.

“Oh! Master, why did you put these things that don’t have much spiritual energy inside?

These emeralds are just eye candy.
Their value isn’t even half of the inferior-class spirit stones.”

The golden pagoda’s voice was full of disgust and there was a trace of disappointment at the same time.

It thought its master threw spirit stones inside!

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Lu Zijia had just sat down cross-legged.
After hearing that, she immediately rolled her eyes.
“They might just be eye candy, but it’s better than nothing.

“If you don’t like them, I’ll take them back for myself.”

She couldn’t even afford cultivation resources right now and this little pagoda still dared to complain.
It truly wanted to be beaten!

“No, no, no, even though these emeralds are just eye candy, at least they’re good to look at.

“Thank you, master.
Keep working hard to earn money.”

It seemed that the golden pagoda in the Ancient Space was worried that Lu Zijia would really take them back.


It immediately absorbed the few pieces of emeralds that it complained about just then into the pagoda.

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The golden pagoda absorbed the spiritual energy of the few pieces of emeralds all at once, but it didn’t feel anything and couldn’t help but feel a bit frustrated.

“Master, you’re an active and ambitious cultivator.
You must work hard and earn money to exchange for spirit stones!

“When I can go out to stay with you depends on your effort, master.”

Before the space was upgraded, the golden pagoda, which was the spirit of the space, wouldn’t be able to get out and couldn’t feel anything outside either.

So, apart from talking to its master, Lu Zijia, it could only play by itself.

At this moment, how much did the golden pagoda miss the days when it could run wild outside? How much did it miss the days when it could fight for food with Nether and Ribbon.

Lu Zijia, who was given high expectations, “…”

This brown-noser was really good at flattering her!

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Besides, she didn’t want this unreasonable, dramatic thing to come out and stay with her, alright?

Without this dramatic thing, she would have a lot of spare time!

“There are no spirit stones at all.
Who can I exchange spirit stones with?” Lu Zijia said speechlessly.

The golden pagoda was first startled when it heard that.
After that, it yelled in shock, “What? No spirit stones? Why are there no spirit stones?”

How could the Ancient Space be upgraded without spirit stones? How could it get out and have fun if it couldn’t be upgraded?

Argh!!! It didn’t want to be trapped in this space!

“Master, help!!!”

When the golden pagoda roared like crazy in its mind, it unconsciously shouted out.
Lu Zijia was so scared that she almost dropped the emerald in her hand on the ground.

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“Why are you yelling? Do you want me to smack you?”

Lu Zijia’s forehead twitched, and she had the desire to go into the space to beat the golden pagoda up.

Luckily, she wasn’t making elixirs.
If she was, the caldron might have exploded when it shouted like this.

“Boohoo, master…”

The golden pagoda pretended to be poor and miserable, hoping that its master could work hard to save it from the suffering.

Lu Zijia was amused and angry at the same time after seeing it pretend to be miserable deliberately.

“Alright, alright, am I not working hard enough already? I’ve used all the money I earned just now to buy cultivation resources for you.
Isn’t that good enough?”

“Good, good, master is the best,” the golden pagoda fawned on Lu Zijia in a flattering tone like a dog.

“Knock, knock.”

Suddenly, someone knocked on Lu Zijia’s door.

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