ly or just accidentally.

“I want to see too!”

The moment Lu Zijia stepped forward, the little boy, Mu Ruishu, grabbed her sleeve, showing that he wanted to tag along.

“Xiao Rui, aren’t you here to play with me?”

Tang Yuan, who was ignored by her friend, looked a bit wronged on her cute little face.

Mu Ruishu, “…”

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He knew that Yuanyuan’s family sold rough stones.
Yuanyuan said there had been a lot of emeralds and jade pendants lately, so he made an excuse to come here today.

Grandpa He said he could buy a gift for the bad woman and she would like him too.

He saw the bad woman hold a jade pendant happily yesterday, so she must like jade pendants very much.

Unexpectedly, he caught the bad woman coming for stone gambling by coincidence.

“I can also play with my auntie,” Mu Ruishu said seriously in a baby’s voice with a solemn face.

The bad woman wanted to go stone gambling.
He must keep an eye on this bad woman, or she would definitely go stone gambling secretly!

Tang Yuan tilted her little head and pondered.
After a while, she nodded, “Alright, we’ll play with your auntie.”

Lu Zijia, “….”

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Was this little boy going to watch her firmly? Could she not be trusted?

Alright, she indeed couldn’t be trusted…

So, when Lu Zijia took a step forward, the two kids behind her also walked a step.
That was indeed very weird!

The corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch.
She acted like she was looking at the rough stones in frustration.

When Luo Ziyun, who was watching Lu Zijia anxiously, saw that Lu Zijia was only looking at the rough stones but not the emeralds on the small shelf, she couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief secretly.

Even though Lu Zijia was pretending to be looking at the rough stones, she didn’t miss Luo Ziyun’s reaction.

Luo Ziyun’s reaction obviously told people that the emeralds on that small shelf had some problems.

However, if she had already known that they were problematic, why did she put them here for sale?

Besides, there hadn’t been a single customer in the store up till now, except for them.

Lu Zijia also noticed that when she came into the store with the little boy before, many people outside looked at them and even started whispering softly while gazing at them.

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