The dark red soil scattered all over the ground.

Seeing the dark red soil, Song Zhuolan’s pupils shrank and her body trembled uncontrollably.

Master Li asked her to use her blood to water this pot of violets for a whole month.

The night she completed the preparation, she seemed to see something filthy on the pot of violets, which scared her so much that she dared not touch it again.

Even when she took it to the Song family for Fang Yueqiu, she also asked a servant to carry it along the way.

“I… I…”

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Noticing that her reaction was too much, Song Zhuolan became anxious and quickly wanted to cover up her lie.

Unfortunately, Song Zhuohai didn’t give her this chance at all.

“And this thing, the blood on it belongs to Zixuan and the date of birth and eight characters of a horoscope also belong to him!”

Song Zhuohai threw the thing on Song Zhuolan again as he grabbed a handful of shattered emerald pieces.

“This emerald dragon, you asked someone to give it to me with all your effort.

“There’s even a talisman paper with my date of birth and eight characters of a horoscope, and those of Ye Mingyang on it as well.

“You want to transfer my luck to Ye Mingyang so he can succeed step by step while I die tragically!”

Ye Mingyang was Song Zhuolan’s husband, the current leader of the Song family.

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Hearing what Song Zhuohai had said, Song Zhuolan’s eyes opened even wider, filled with astonishment.

She didn’t seem to have thought that Song Zhuohai would know the use of the talisman paper.

Song Zhuolan turned pale and wanted to explain herself as her lips trembled, but she found that she couldn’t say anything.

Song Zhuohai seemed to know what she wanted to say and he said with a sullen expression, “You don’t have to explain.
I’ve already sent someone to investigate.
The companies that suddenly refused to cooperate with the Song Group all went to work with the Ye Group.

“You can say that it’s a coincidence the first time, but it’s not that simple when there’s a second and third time.”

As soon as Song Zhuohai finished talking, he threw all the shattered emerald pieces in his hand to Song Zhuolan.

Song Zhuolan wanted to hide, but her body suddenly became a bit stiff, so she couldn’t move.

“And this brush, it’s from your son.
Your son gave it to Dad.”

Song Zhuohai was extremely enraged and his body trembled slightly as he stared at Ye Nambo firmly with a gaze as sharp as a knife.

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