times with the crutch in his hand while his eyes were full of sorrow and anger.

Having been glorious for half of his life, he had never expected he would be framed by his own daughter in the end.

Thinking of his wife who was killed by their own daughter, Old Master Song’s eyes couldn’t help but turn red.

“Evil creature, she’s truly an evil creature.
Why is there such an evil creature in the Song family?”

Seeing how aggrieved Old Master Song was, Fang Yueqiu dared not to say anything as she was afraid that she would irritate him even more.

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However, his resentment towards Song Zhuolan in his heart didn’t reduce at all.

“Father, I’ve already asked someone to bring Zhuolan here.”

Song Zhuohai knew that it was already useless to try to comfort his father anymore when things had come to this point.

What he could do right now was to deal with this matter.

Old Master Song knocked the ground fiercely with the crutch in his hand again, “You don’t need to show her respect.
Just grab her here!

“If she dares to resist, beat her up until she doesn’t!”

“Got it.”

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Song Zhuohai immediately replied as he took out his phone and issued an order to the people they sent out again.

After confirming that everything was done by Song Zhuolan, Song Zhuohai had only resentment towards his sister, whom he adored in the past.

She made his son suffer for so many years for no reason.
If he was still soft-hearted towards Song Zhuolan, he would be unworthy of being a father, a satisfactory husband!

He would even be unworthy of supporting this family!

Song Zixuan sat on the couch quietly.
Looking at his family who became resentful and furious after confirming the culprit, he suddenly felt a bit lost.

Facing the truth that was about to be revealed, he wasn’t as anxious and as emotional as he was before.

After the truth was revealed, how could he stay with the family he had longed for for so many years?

After so many things, could they really keep staying with each other without barriers?

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