Chapter 100: The Entire Song Family Was Unlucky

Lu Zijia looked at the members of the Song family, who completely went into a heavy and silent atmosphere as a trace of sympathy flashed through her eyes.

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Judging by the current situation, not just Song Zixuan was unlucky; the whole Song family seemed to be unlucky.

Tut-tut, the Song family had truly bad luck.

“Alright, just solve the problem first before dealing with your family matters.
My work hasn’t finished yet,” Lu Zijia said and awakened the members of the Song family who had fallen into silence.

Hearing Lu Zijia say that it wasn’t over yet, the four members of the Song family couldn’t help but darken a bit again.

Of course, their faces darkened wasn’t because of Lu Zijia but the person who hurt their family.

“How many more of these things are there?” Song Zixuan followed Lu Zijia out and asked at the same time.

“Don’t worry.
Just the last one left.”

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Lu Zijia raised her hand and patted Song Zixuan’s shoulder with a slight sense of comfort.

Song Zixuan, “…”

Many dirty things were put at his home by someone.
How could he possibly be at ease?

Besides, could Lu Zijia not look at him with a sympathetic gaze?

This easily made him think of Lu Zijia’s gaze when she called him an unlucky man.

Hearing Lu Zijia say that this would be the last one, the other three members of the Song family didn’t know if they should be relieved or enraged.

“This is my study.”

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Seeing Lu Zijia stop at the door of the last room on the second floor, Song Zhuohai quickly spoke as she opened the door for Lu Zijia right away.

After hearing that it was the study, Lu Zijia didn’t go in instantly but said to Song Zhuohai, “Do you need to go inside to tidy things up first?”

Of course, she was referring to putting away documents that Song Zhuohai thought were important.

After all, the study was a person’s important place.

Just like the pill room and weapon refining room in the cultivation world, intruders could be killed by the owner if they entered without permission.

This was the rule of the cultivation world.

Song Zhuohai had never thought that Lu Zijia would say that.
He quickly replied, “No, no, please go in, Master Lu.”

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Every time he finished dealing with the documents in his study, he put them away carefully.

So, he wasn’t worried that someone would break into his study and see some confidential documents.

However, after Lu Zijia said this, Song Zhuohai’s good impression of her rose to another level.

Many of the other capable masters wouldn’t consider this.

Many years ago, the master his sister hired didn’t consider this point and directly ran into his study.

After getting a certain answer, Lu Zijia directly walked in without hesitation.

Lu Zijia soon found the target.

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Seeing Lu Zijia’s gaze land on the jade dragon decoration on the desk, Song Zhuohai’s heart slightly tightened.

“This jade is pretty nice,” Lu Zijia said first while immediately picking up the dragon-shaped decoration carved from jade that was about the size of a palm.

Song Zhuohai always felt like there was a hidden meaning in her words, so he wasn’t relieved because of this.

“Master Lu, I’ve studied this jade.
It’s real.
It’s even a rare icy jadeite.

“Is there something wrong with this jade dragon decoration?”

Song Zhuohai was born in the year of the dragon and was very happy when he got this birthday gift.

He put the jade dragon decoration on his desk so he could see it all the time.

Lu Zijia shook her head and said in a slightly sorrowful tone, “It’s indeed a good jade.
Unfortunately, there’s something hidden inside.”

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