having brown eyes and black eyes to other sets of eyes colors was like 100:99:50 [if that is how the ratio is being written, lol]

”You heard me right, babe, ” Evie replied in a devastating tone.

”But that is way too much for you to handle alone. Moreover, I have only heard about Ryan Anderson and the rumors I heard are not the good ones, trust me. Sometimes just his name alone is meant to give the chills of my life so how can he just assign you to spy on him? Thats a no-no for me on your behalf. ” Debbie answered.

”Will you tell Shaft that too on my behalf? ” Evie asked with a smirk.

”I thought you liked me. ” Debbie scowled and Evie laughed while distancing herself a bit from the laptop. It was Sunday afternoon, a day of relaxation for her, well that was on a normal day before Shaft suddenly gave her THIS.

”Are you planning to disguise yourself or anything of the sort? ” Debbie asked.

”No, I am going in as a chef. ”

Debbie raised her eyebrows, ”Chef? You can hardly prepare Western dishes, you can only prepare African dishes and you think Ryan will accept that? ”

Evie ran her hand through her hair while placing the weight of her body on her hands to keep her straight. She wasn convinced about the whole plan as well but she needed to do this for her siblings sake.

”African or European style, I can manage both, thank you. All I just need to do is to cook and… ” She stopped talking when she got Debbies you don understand what you are saying type of look. Evie groaned and hit her bed.

”You can try going on YouTube. It might help you. ”

”I could hardly focus on online video teaching and you think that this is going to be an exception, ” Evie asked.

”Well for this, my dear, it has to be an exception because guess what? Your lifes on the line. I will pray for your recovery and deliverance. Just try not to mess things up because there is no way that you are getting out of this…not that I do not want you to, theres just no way. ”

”Wow, thanks, that really helped a lot. ” Evie rolled her eyes after talking in a duh tone. Debbie gave a silly smile in return.

”You are welcome. Just come to me anytime. ”

”Haha, anyway, I need to go shopping now… ”

”Wait, when are you going to Ryans place? ”

”Tomorrow morning. Thats why I am going shopping now. Do you want to come along? ” Evie asked and stood up from her bed, she turned the laptop to the other side so Debbie could see her every movement.

”Only if you will buy me something. I ran out of cash, ” Debbie answered like a spoiled baby.

”Sure… sure, hop on. ”

”Really? I will meet you at our favorite shopping mall in fifteen minutes. Bye. ”

Evie snorted and took out her clothes, she went to stand in front of her mirror and did a few poses here and there before glancing at her laptop.

”More like an hour. ” She joked.

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