It was quite a wintering night in the whole of Central City. Many people couldn help but get shut in their homes despite their willingness to be out there just to enjoy watching the full moon brighten up the sky.

Well, some did get their wishes fulfilled but in diverse areas. A motorbike sped past the rows of shops and houses and lamps that were on the road. The cold night did not serve as a distraction to her as she was all packed up in a tight-fitting coat to prevent her from catching a cold.

After driving for what seemed to be hours but literally thirty minutes, she pressed the brakes in front of a clubhouse. She removed her helmet and placed it on the motorbikes handle while she had some things to take care of. She got off the bike in an imposing manner and walked towards the bouncers at the entrance. Seeing her face, one of them requested to check her right arm without saying a word.

They rolled up her sleeve and a tattoo showed up. It was a drawing of a glittering dragon with a crown. The drawing was beautiful to see and it was known to be her signature look whenever she came around. After they were done checking her, she was allowed in.

The whole club was shaking with the people in it…not the whole building though. The Club wasn a club for rich and upperclassmen, it was more like a club for thugs, Street fighters, or a meet-up place for dirty deals and that was what she was here for.

”Watch where you are going, Missy. ” A man growled when she hits him with her shoulder. She glanced at the man, he was obviously drunk and was trying so hard to remain stable.

”Pathetic. ” She replied before walking past him. She passed through the rows of dirty humans and climbed a few steps with the label ”VIP SECTION ”.

She was allowed access to one of the rooms. It was not that dark but not that light, it was in between. A man with his back was sitting across from her, he picked up the lighter beside him and lit something which seemed to be a cigarette.

”Evie? ” The man called. His voice sounded so deep yet crooked.

”Shaft, ” Evie replied and sat on the chair without being told to do so. The man turned around to look at her, his lips revealing a set of brown decayed teeth. His left eye was patched, he got it from a gunshot and till date, Evie was always surprised why the man was not dead.

”You are finally here. ” Shaft said and passed her a pack of cigarettes. Evie looked at the cigarettes with disgust.

”I don smoke. ” She eyed him maliciously and Shaft chuckled before keeping his cigarettes back in his pockets.

”Sorry about that. ” He said unapologetically. Evie rolled her eyes.

”Why did you call me here? ” She went straight to the point.

”There is a mission for you. ”

”I am not interested. ”Evie butts in.

”Its nothing hard. You don have to kill anyone… ”

”I am still not interested in doing it. ” Evie cuts in for the second time with a stern look. Shaft laughed.

”I know where your siblings are. ” This caught Evies attention and her veins almost popped out from the anger she was trying to withhold.

”Don you dare! ”

”Do I look like I care? ” Shaft responded with a crazy yet dangerous smirk.

”All I ask is for you to do this last mission for me and I promise not to haunt you down or make you do anything for me. I can put this into writing to be legal if you want but before then, you need to do this for me whether you like it or not! ” Shaft spoke.

Evie fell flat on the chairs head, wondering what type of life she was living. Why were things not in her favor these days? Why was it so hard to live a simple life without an annoying pest trying to disrupt it?

She sighed and rubbed her forehead, ”What is it that you want me to do? ” She gave in.

”Good girl. All I need you to do is to spy on someone. ”

Evie opened her eyes and looked at Shaft suspiciously. That was quite too easy.

”Spy on someone? ”

Shaft laughed when he saw the look on her face, he sipped his gin and puffed up the air from his stick.

”Yeah, I told you it will be pretty easy. ”

”Who is it? ”

Shaft dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a picture but he covered the view by turning its back towards Evie who reached out for it. On seeing the picture, she threw it away in shock as if she had been burnt by it. She glared at Shaft.

”Are you f*cking kidding me, Shaft? No way, there ain no f*cking way that I am doing this. I ain doing it at all. You can just kill me. Id rather die by your hands than his. ” She rejected. Shaft laughed again and took up the picture to have a clearer

view of it before placing it back on the table.

”You are going to have to spy on him for me. ”

”Why do I have to do this? You can play dumb about who he is! He is f*cking Ryan Anderson! How do you expect me to spy on someone who is more like a camera? Thats impossible. I don want to be killed. ” She shook her head in disagreement.

”But you have no choice, darling. You have to do this. You need to do this for my sake and your siblings. ”

”May I ask what the reason could be? ” Evie asked as she placed her hand under her chin while staring at Shaft worriedly.

”I have traced the location of the third egg to him. There happens to be a cave locked in with gold…I mean real f*cking gold and the only way to get in is to gather all three eggs and have them placed side by side to unlock the ancient cave. ”

”Its ancient. Why don you just use technology in getting in? ” Evie asked innocently and received a smack on her forehead.

”Something meant to be unlocked by golden eggs isn just ordinary but magical, dummy. ”

”But why will he have it? ” Evie was still not getting a hang of the whole spy thing.

”Exactly my thoughts! Why will he have it if not there is something strange and secretive about him that is what I need you to help me in discovering? Just do this as cleanly as you have always been doing because of your siblings. Its very easy to trust me and about your security, its covered. You don have to worry. This isn your first time as well so you aren a novice. ”

”Whats the entrance in? ” Evie asked, her head cupped in her palms.

”He needs a chef. ”

Evie looked up at him and snorted, ”And you are telling me that you have things covered? I am not a chef, I am a cook…a cook of simple meals. ”

”That can do. He doesn eat much, I guess. Just go with the flow, Evie, and make sure not to mess things up for your siblings sake. Remember that I am watching you, don disappoint me. ”

”I haven even accepted the deal yet. ” Evie threw her hands in the air. Shaft stood up and walked to the entrance.

”You don have a choice anyway so its a deal. See you tomorrow. ” He walks out after that and Evie hits the table in frustration.

”Ouch, goddamn it! ” She yelled.


Evie fell flat on her bed after arriving home from the club. Her room was a bit messy…wait, a bit? It was a lot worse than a pigs abode only that there was no mud but she never tried cleaning her room since she was the only one living in her one-room apartment with a kitchen and bathroom.

She did expect to receive some kind of work from Shaft but not this type of dealing with the devil himself. She was stuck in between the devil and the deep red Sea in her case even though she was yet to step foot into either of them.

”I wish to be saved this instant. ” She murmured sleepily and drifted into unconsciousness. She should enjoy her sleep as she might not get the opportunity to sleep like this from tomorrow.








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