Chapter 3 – “Does your Red Thread System also manage the police and handle account transfer procedures?”

Chen Ying takes Yue Lao and Mi Xi up.

Both Cheng Jiangyi and Su Xiaopei are at home.
Su Xiaopei has a cold and is not in good spirits, but she still receives them warmly.

“Su Xiaopei.” Yue Lao 2238 rushes to Su Xiaopei as soon as he enters the house.
Chen Ying thinks to himself, why doesn’t this Cheng Jiangyi, who is usually so nauseatingly protective of his wife, kick this so-called Yue Lao away.

“I brought Chen Ying here.” 

Saying that, Chen Ying is not a hostage, and he came up voluntarily.
It’s not to his credit, okay?

Su Xiaopei smiles, greets Chen Ying, and then turns to Mi Xi.

“Hello, you must be Mi Xi.”

Mi Xi nods.

“I’m Su Xiaopei.”

Mi Xi formally greets, “I have seen my aunt.”

Very good, you all recognize each other.
I wish your familial love will last forever and your family will be reunited.
Chen Ying turns around after chanting the mantra and now wants to leave. 

Cheng Jiangyi and Yue Lao each grab an arm. 

“Sit, sit, have a cup of tea,” Su Xiaopei says to Mi Xi with a smile.
“Don’t be too polite, come, come with me.
I have prepared some things for you.” Mi Xi looks back at Yue Lao 2238; he nods, and Mi Xi follows Su Xiaopei into the house.

“You see, she only trusts you, so you take her in.” Chen Ying decides to preemptively push the little girl onto Yue Lao 2238.

    “I live in a collective dormitory.” Number 2238 straightens his face and hurriedly explains to Chen Ying, “The situation is like this: the world we live in is closely co-existing with another parallel world.
You can imagine the relationship—the two worlds work together, and the energy is eternal.
I am Yue Lao number 2238.
My job is to carry out the instructions of the Red Thread System, to connect people with predestined relationships, and lead lovers to marriage.
As for our Red Thread System, after a certain case last time, we found out that someone has some special abilities, that is, this person can allow people from one world to travel through and go to the other world.
Mi Xi was, thus, guided by the Red Thread System.”

“You are a writer, and Yue Lao is a pseudonym?”

“Listen to me,” Yuelao 2238 is very serious when he talks about his work.
“Mixi lived in an era similar to the ancient times on our side.
The way of life, language, and culture are the same as in our ancient times.
You can also see this from her appearance.
The clothes she is wearing now are the same as what she usually wore there.”

“Why did she cross over here?” Chen Ying decides to ask another question and follow his lead.

“Mi Xi’s father was a general who protected their country.
Her family was framed, and all the family members were executed.
Mi Xi, a child using a long spear—in order to protect her mother, sister, and brother—alone against eighteen soldiers, 

fought to the death in a bloody, final battle.” 

“She died already?” Chen Ying is taken aback.

“She is filial, righteous, and courageous, and touched Yue Lao who has been actively leading the red thread for her marriage.
She was not destined to die then, but something happened suddenly and he was caught off guard.
That is the result.
Yue Lao over there hopes to save her so she could instead enjoy a happy life, and so he urgently asked for help from the Red Thread System.” 

“Isn’t there a talk about reincarnation in your mythology? Just find her a good family and choose for her.”

Yue Lao shakes his head.
“I only know about the Red Thread System, not about reincarnation.
Please don’t interrupt.
Anyway, the Red Thread System accepted the application, but because Mi Xi already passed away in that world, she had to come here to get a new life.
The unfortunate thing is that the red thread in Mi Xi’s hand is broken.
Yue Lao over there did not have time to tie the red thread for her marriage before everything happened, so she has no red thread to protect her body.
Without the red thread’s protection, she can only last for three years. 

“It is not an easy task to find someone who is destined to connect with one’s red thread.
It will be very, very tight to accomplish in three years, and the time may not be enough.
This case was finally transferred to my hands, and I will help her tie her red thread in the days to come.

“But in the meantime, she needs a place to stay and someone to take care of her.
I searched all possible candidates in the system, and found that your conditions are very suitable, and you happen to know Cheng Jiangyi, so I asked him about you.
After a while, I confirmed that you are indeed the most suitable.”

“Wait, how did you come to the conclusion of ‘most suitable’?”

Yuelao 2238 pauses, as if thinking about how to explain it. 

Cheng Jiangyi hurriedly says, “Let me explain it.”

Just say it.
Chen Ying sits up straight.
Who do you think you’re bluffing? Yue Lao and broken red thread, dead and alive, who is the most suitable?! Make it up, I wanna see how you make it up.

“You are the most suitable candidate.
The reasons are as follows: First, your brother is my partner in our company, and we can almost count you as one of our own.
It’s simpler to talk and rely on our own people.
If something goes wrong, you also know who to turn to.
This is very easy to understand, right? The second reason is simpler: you are rich ah, and can afford it.”

Chen Ying’s face darkens.
This reason is really fucking good.

“The third reason is that besides me, you are the most courageous, soft-hearted, and most conscientious person I know.
We entrust the girl in your hands, and though reluctant, you won’t do things half-hearted.” 

This is obviously a compliment to others but he didn’t forget to include himself? Chen Ying is very disdainful. 

This guy Cheng Jiangyi doesn’t care about the little girl’s life at all and is trying to push the responsibility onto others.
Could he do this and still nag him about his conscience? Who’s really reluctant and half-hearted?

“You know me too little.
I touch my chest every day, but I can’t find where my conscience is.
My brother is really kind, he is also rich, and he is on his own.
It’s more suitable for you to find him.” He is also very good at pushing things onto others. 

Cheng Jiangyi can try to cheat him because his own brother cheats him, and if you tell him that Chen Fei doesn’t know that Chen Ying is being bullied to death right now, he wouldn’t believe it—so he feels no guilt whatsoever for dragging his own brother, Chen Fei, into the water.

“Look at you, how old are you? How can you still count on your brother for everything? Your brother is not free ah.
He wants to help the company earn money.
He is so busy with work, how can he have time to take care of a little girl? You are relatively free.”

“How am I free?” Chen Ying wants to tear at his hair.
“I’m also very busy with work.”

“Don’t you have so many employees to feed; let them do it.” 

“Do you two have no employees?”

“Not as many as your family’s.”

That, unfortunately, is a fact, but the logic is still wrong. 

Chen Ying stretches his legs and fights back.
“If my brother is busy, then you yourself must be free.
And you have a family, you and your wife are the most suitable for adoption.” 

“We can’t.”


“We’re trying to have a baby.
The baby-making movement is too noisy.
How embarrassing would it be for underage girls to hear it.”

Chen Ying’s face turns half black.
How did this person say such shameless words?! 

The strange thing is that he actually agreed, thinking that this activity is really inappropriate for little girls to be subjected to.

“I haven’t finished what I was saying yet,” Cheng Jiangyi continued his persuasion work.
“I have to have an excuse to sell you the copyright to the game [Xun Lang], right? You take care of Mi Xi, and although it really has little to do with me, it seems that I will owe you a favor after all.
When it comes to copyright cooperation such as film and television rights, I will give priority to you.
You see, this is my compensation to you.” 

“Do you still need to find a reason to sell the copyright to me?” 

“Of course.
In case someone else accidentally bids higher than you, as this is business, I need a strong reason to convince myself to be unyielding.”

Chen Ying really wants to give him the middle finger ah! 

But, to be honest, the allure of the copyright of [Xun Lang] is indeed not small, even more attractive than that of [Swordsman].1 It’s just that they have not yet completed the development, and the copyright has not been released.
But he has read the story script, seen the character design and part of the testing, which is indeed very interesting.
It’s a good business that will make a lot of money.

“Let me tell you,” Cheng Jiangyi speaks again.
This time he has straightened his face and is very serious.
“Yue Lao is real, and the Red Thread System also exists.
This is not a made-up story.
I was unconscious in the beginning, and when I finally woke up, suddenly, I could only rely on the red thread to protect my body.
It was Xiaopei who found me over there.”2

Chen Ying is dazed for a moment: the female psychologist went to another world to find a destined person.
This plot seems very familiar.
He suddenly understands that this is the plot of [Xun Lang].
He can’t help squinting at Cheng Jiangyi.

“I didn’t make it up; it’s not my idea.
It’s what really happened.
I just recorded it and designed it into a game.
I only wanted to preserve the story of me and Xiaopei forever this way.”

“And you promised me that you will find a way to let everyone believe in love, learn to cherish it, know how to work hard for it, and be forgiving,” Yue Lao 2238 interjected.
It’s why he agreed to let them use his plot in the game.

Cheng Jiangyi waves his hand to tell him not to interrupt.
He continues to say to Chen Ying, “You don’t have to doubt this matter: it is indeed true.
Your brother knows it too.
He also knows about Mi Xi.
Chen Ying, it is reasonable for the Red Thread System to choose you.
You need to take good care of her, it shouldn’t take too long.”

Chen Ying raises his eyebrows.
“What won’t it take too long?”

“Tying the red thread.”

Chen Ying continues to raise his eyebrows.
“Just now, Mr.
Yue Lao, who specializes in tying red threads, said that it is difficult to tie her red thread.
Three years would be very tight, he said.
And you say it won’t take long? Your conscience, is it still there?”

“He emphasized the importance of things, and I emphasized the operability of things.
The rhetorical methods are different, and the words used are different, but you can definitely understand this with your IQ.”

Yuelao 2238 looks from one to the other — both of them are so eloquent ah, he better not cut in.

At this time, Su Xiaopei comes out with Mi Xi. 

Mi Xi has changed into a lightweight, sports casual wear, long-sleeved, trousers, and canvas shoes.
Her long hair is combed into a ponytail, and she looks like a normal girl.
Seeing everyone looking at her, she feels a little embarrassed.
Blinking her eyes, pursing the corners of her mouth lightly, she doesn’t seem to know where to place her hands and feet.

Chen Ying looks at her limpid eyes, her pure expression, a temperament completely different from that of modern girls. 

He suddenly finds that he actually believes their words.
Although they were talking nonsense, he actually believes them a little bit.

If it isn’t true, how did Mi Xi jump onto the roof of his car?

She must have fallen from the sky, otherwise he can’t explain what happened.

He once heard from his older brother that Cheng Jiangyi had had a very special experience, and this Yue Lao 2238 should not be a lunatic.
Even if he takes another ten thousand steps, these two men can’t be trusted—but Su Xiaopei is a serious woman who doesn’t joke around. 

But if this is true, why did the Red Thread System choose him, and how is he suitable?

“What if I don’t agree to adopt her?” he asks.

No one answers him.
It is only Su Xiaopei who lets out a long sigh.

Mi Xi is slightly shocked when she hears what he said.
She purses her lips tight, turning her face away, but she is too stubborn to bow her head.

Looking at her expression and her clenched hands, Chen Ying feels his heart soften.
She seems rather pitiful. 

Well, in actual fact, it’s really not a big deal, just give her a place to live and keep her from starving to death.
As for the others, this is something they themselves would do, right?

Chen Ying clears his throat and sees that Mi Xi is peeking at him in secret.
He suddenly realizes that it was impolite for him to speak like that in front of her just now.
The little girl has just arrived and is unfamiliar with everything.
Everyone told her that she could only rely on him, but he has been so rude. 

However, he’s really not willing to show weakness like this! Why does it have to be him ah?

“So, how old are you?” he asks, trying to figure out the situation.

She’s seventeen, almost eighteen.” Yue Lao seems to realize that he is giving in, so he replies quickly, and takes out the folded paper from the inner pocket of his suit.
“She’s very sensible at this age, so she won’t cause trouble.
Mi Xi is very good.”

Chen Ying gives him a look.
Did he ask him? How proactive he is.
Like a human trafficker selling people.
Is such a Yue Lao really reliable?

“My birthday is on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month,” Mi Xi answers by herself.

“Are you willing to come with me?” Chen Ying asks with a provocative tone. 

If the other party, the girl herself, doesn’t want to, everyone else can’t talk nonsense.
She can choose to stay with whoever she wants.
Well, that’s fair enough.
She doesn’t like him, so there’s a good chance she will say no.

Mi Xi looks at Yue Lao, then at Su Xiaopei, then turns back to him. 

Everyone can see her reluctance, but she still whispers, “Please take care of me, Uncle.”

Chen Ying couldn’t help but stroke his forehead.
This is really bad! Girl, didn’t you beat eighteen men by yourself? Blind obedience is not a virtue, don’t just listen to what others say ah! 

He looks around at the few people around him, everyone is staring at him.
Mi Xi is biting her lip and peering at him in secret.
Chen Ying takes a deep breath.
It’s like a group of bastards selling people, and he is the poor buyer.
No, it should be said that she is the poor, little girl from a good family who is being trafficked.

What would happen if he doesn’t adopt her? Chen Ying hesitates.

“Here,” Yue Lao is very anxious and stuffs the folded paper into Chen Ying’s hand.
“These are Mi Xi’s materials and various documents.
I will leave them with you.”

Chen Ying takes a look.
It’s just a look, he’s only curious.
He hasn’t made a final decision yet— look at this, damn it! 

He jumps up to his feet.

“How the hell did she move to my household registration?”

“You are the guardian ah,” Yuelao 2238 replies.

“Does your Red Thread System also manage the police and handle household transfer procedures?” Chen Ying grits his teeth, “And stealing my household account book!” 

“No, no,” Yue Lao waves his hand fiercely, “I didn’t steal your account book.
Your brother provided it.”

Fuck it.
Of course, he did.
It’s really hard to guard against thieves from your own family.

“What else do you want to ask?” Cheng Jiangyi asks him.

Chen Ying is so angry ah, there are too many questions to ask, but these are not the point! The point is, has he been schemed against by this group of people? Including his own brother? What about family? What about human nature?!

Chen Ying is cursing 100,000 words in his heart.
He turns to Mi Xi, and the little girl is watching the TV.
To her, this world is indeed very strange.
He looks at her, feeling inexplicably soft inside once  again. 

It’s not the girl’s fault; she’s a victim too.
She couldn’t even die well, and was sent to this dratted place to be taken in by a strange uncle.

The whole room is full of people with shitty intentions.

Have they considered the feelings of the little girl? Does no one see her disappointed and sad expression? His heart is so soft ah.

“It seems that he’s fine, so it’s settled!”

Wait, did he agree? He didn’t agree ah! But he is already thinking about which room to place her in, and which bed sheet and quilt to use for the bed.

Kindness is a hell of a thing!



 1[Xun Lang] is game developed by Cheng Jiangyi and Chen Fei’s company.
I don’t know what [Swordsman] is.
Perhaps it was mentioned in the other novels by the same author sharing this same universe.
In any case, it’s not very relevant to this story.

 2Cheng Jiangyi and his wife Su Xiaopei are the main leads in another novel by the same author, entitled ‘In Search of Love’.  

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