Jinghua opened his eyes. Yuming was gone. He was left in the room with Bingwen. Jinghua got up and left the room. But down the hall he ran into Yuming and Hung Meifeng. Yuming was crying. She fell at his feet, sobbing. He knelt down to her. ”What happened? ” He questioned her. Through her tears, she managed to say, ”B-Bojing..M-My brother is.. Hes.. Bojing is dead! ” Jinghuas body went stiff. Dead? How? He was just with Bingwen? Maybe thats why his dream ended so quickly. Jinghua raced back to Bingwen, as did Yuming and Hung Meifeng. Jinghua was angry. ”Curse my father. Curse the flowers! Curse..me. ” He said. That wasn meant to be said out loud and Yuming had heard everything. ”Y-You….You killed him..YOU BASTARD! ” She tried to run in the room and slap Jinghua but Hung Meifeng held her back. ”Yusheng Mei, please. It wasn him. ” She said. ”It was. ” Jinghua said with a straight face. He walked past the two. ”Im obviously not wanted here so Ill be off. ” He walked quickly past the two. Yuming turned to Jinghua, who was still walking away. ”I was wrong about you! ” Yuming yelled angrily. ”You bastard lying son of a bitch! This is all your fault! ” She fell to her knees and sobbed. ”This is why Bojing only thought of you. Why he never took a break and pushed himself past his limit. ALL FOR YOU, NING CHENG! ” Jinghua left the Yusheng palace that day, leaving Bingwen for the last time. But was it the last?

Hung Meifeng helped sobbing Yuming off of the ground and brought her into the room with Bingwens lifeless body. She sat Yuming next to the bed. Hung Meifeng had been asked to try and revive Bingwen by his mother and father. The Hung clan was a clan of hybrids, known for their healing water and medical abilities. Most women in the hung clan were doctors. Including Hung Meifeng. She was known for being one of the best healers besides her mother. But she had never healed a human before. But she could at least try. ”Yusheng Mei, please. I need silence in order to control my Chi. ” Hung Meifeng said, putting her two fingers against Bingwens neck. Yuming grabbed onto her arm. ”What..what if it doesn work!? ” Yuming sobbed. Hung Meifeng had never been kind to anyone or felt affection towards anyone. But Yuming gave her that feeling. Hung Meifeng put a hand on Yumings head and stroked her hair out of her face. ”Don worry Yusheng Mei, Im going to try my best. ” Hung Meifeng said, smiling for anyone for the first time.

Jinghua had flown back to the Ning temple on Jin Si. His father was waiting for him on his throne. Ning Lin was drinking a small cup of wine. ”Your back so soon? Let me guess, they kicked you out because you
e a hybrid? ” His father said in a taunting way. Jinghua fell to his knees and bowed to Ning Lin. ”You were right, father. Humans do think wrongly of us. ” Jinghua said. He got up and poured himself a cup of wine. ”The first born kin of the Yusheng clan is dead. You…killed Yusheng Jin.. ” Jinhghua said, saddened. Why did he blame himself When it was the work of his father? And it had only been a day. It was the first time in years that Jinghua had gotten to see Bingwen. The ceremony competition was a failure due to his fathers doings. Jinghua should have known Ning Lins intentions.

Ning Lin burst out in laughter after what Jinghua had said. ”Oh Longwei, You can have everything you want. But when your emperor you can. But that won happen unless I die! ” Ning Lin said with a sigh. ”That boy was weak anyway. Yusheng Fus son could never succeed in anything. ” Jinghua was restless. He wanted to yell at his father but he knew that if he did, he would be punished. His father had turned into a monster ever since Jinghuas mother had died from poor health. Ning Lin had turned into a mean old man. All Jinghua wanted was for Bingwen to be alive again. He wanted to go back but he knew he was the blame. Jinghua fell asleep that night thinking only of Bingwen. He imagined that Bingwen was just in a long lasting sleep. And Jinghua had to wait for Bingwen to wake up. Maybe he would wake up?

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