If you want to survive, have sex


I closed my eyes and I slept once again.

But what he didn know is that, someone is looking at his every moment keenly and that person noticed him opening his eyes and tried to move and close his eyes once again. Him trying to move and failing to move also noticed by that person. There is subtle anger flashed in his eyes for a moment but that look gone as fast as it came.

That person is none other than Macks mother that he will come to know next morning. Looking that her child is alive, Macks mother went back to her room to retire and meet her son next day morning.

Next day morning…

Mack woke early in the morning even before sun has raised, that is probably because the biological clock in his body is used to wake him at that time and he is also eager to tryout his system after it is done with its initialization process.

I opened my eyes early in the morning and what greeted me was the gentle sunrays that are waiting to come out and greet the world announcing the start of the day. Now I can move my body and when I move my hands checking my body, I felt bandages wrapping my forehead, my chest and my stomach too. I frowned thinking what happened to me and realized that according to the memories I received from Chris, my soul enters into a freshly dead body like how all the MCs transmigrate into a new world.

I put my palms together and thanked the person of this body and prayed for his soul to have peace in its next life. Then I said System in my mind and a transparent blue screen pops up in front of me which says, ” Initialization done and system is installed. ”

I nods my head once at this and said status

[Request denied, Host is advised to transfer the memories of this present body into his mind before doing anything.]

[Do you want to start the transfer of memories?]


Hmm… Thats the standard protocol in any of these kind of novels, guess it isn bad to accept them. It will be painful all the times but I guess I can do anything and need to hold for a few minutes thinking so I said to the system Yes.

[Transferring the memories… 10…9…8…..1.]

[Transferring completed. Host can now access the memories.]

”Haa haa haa… as expected it is painful. Ahh… its bad for my brain, it may get fried, whatever, its done now. Lets see what I have in this life. ”

After looking at my memories I was shocked to my core because, its too much of cliche shit to happen to me. First of all I have this world toppling woman as my mother(31) who is on the border to becoming a son-con and I also have a big sister(18) who is adopted by my mom who is on her way to becoming a bombshell thats gonna shake the whole world who is also a bro-con.

And we are living in a village called ion village which is on the out skirts of Reeve Empire. Our village is bordering with the so called training grounds ahem… I mean the dangerous dark forest on west side and the nearest city to our village is north-east direction and it takes a whole week to reach it by walk. And remaining sides are all vast grounds used by the villagers for farming and pisciculture.

While I am looking through the memories, the door of my room suddenly opens and a busty beauty… I mean my mom enters my room and runs towards me and hugs me tightly. I also automatically hugs her, since I am only 14 I only reached till her bountiful breasts of my mom who is around 510 ”. We stayed hugging each other for 2 to 3 minutes, all this time my mom is checking my body with her hands for any injuries and I am just rubbing my hands on her plump butt kneading them and rubbing my face non stop trying to dig my face into her breasts.

I was shocked at what I was doing, since I am not the person who will do this. Sure I am attracted to the beauty of the woman in front of me, but now she is my mom so I normally suppress those feelings but here my body is moving on its own. In this time of crisis, I asked my rusted buddy what is happening to me.

[Host, after the memories of the soul are transferred to you, his feelings and habits and tiny bit of lingering soul remnants of previous soul also transferred to you, so what you are currently feeling is the deep desires of the previous soul. These are the few complications in transmigration] system told in its neutral voice.

What?!!! What the ** is this? How did this happen? Nobody told me this… while I am talking and thinking all this, my body is showing my affection to my mom automatically. After 5 minutes, my mom broke the hug and looks at me affectionately.

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