Mack is your regular man that you can find everywhere. He lost his parents when he is 15 years old in an accident. He is not too young who cant take care of himself but also not too old who can live by himself.

But what can he do? He need to mature fast to survive in this world, where one needs money to have a smooth life. Even though his parents are not rich, they had a own house and saved some money, which he can use to for 2 to 3 years.

He then moved into a cheap single apartment which is comfortable for a single person and rents out his house which can hold a family of 6 comfortably. He did this so that he can have a stable income and it will be easier for him till he can complete his studies and find a job to support himself.

And in the later years, he successfully graduated from a college in his town. He then went for few interviews and after many failures, he successfully landed a job in other city. The pay isn big but he can sustain himself with it and then gradually gain experience, so that he will have a better pay in the future.

Next week he moved from his town and reached the new city. He already rented an apartment online which is better than than the one he lives currently. He is currently arranging his apartment, it took him a full day to it.

After everything is finished, he laid down on his bed and thinks I need to join the job on next Monday, there are still 10 days for joining, maybe I should spend a few days walking around to familiarize the surroundings of my home and office.

Thinking this, he slowly goes into dreamland. Next day morning, he woke up at 7 in the morning and had bath and went outside to a nearby restaurant for breakfast. Even though he is not an expert when it comes to cooking, he can cook nicely, because he is living on his own since the death of his parents. He is just trying out the restaurants near his home so that he knows where he can find the food to his liking.

After eating, he started roaming through all the streets noting in his mind few places he needs to frequent. After two hours of walking, he returns to his apartment and ordered some lunch and ate it. Later he finds himself on his bed remembering his parents, mom, dad, I finally found a job. And I am in this new city which is very much livelier than our hometown. Maybe I will find a girlfriend and get married and start a family of my own. Please look after me like always. Then he slept till evening.

In the evening, he took out his mobile and starts playing Lords mobile, he is walking on the road while playing the game. He is trying to finish his quota in the guild fest and help his guildmates to get rewards. After walking for 20 mins playing, he stops at a signal.

Seeing that he cant cross the road now, he went beside a building and leans on the wall and continues to play his game. There are only a few people at the signal near him, and on the opposite side, a small girl who is 5 or 6 years old suddenly runs towards the road because she dropped her ball and it fell on the road.

At the same time, there is a truck coming in the same direction at high speeds. The little girls mother is shouting her name in panic. Suddenly a man in his thirties runs towards the girl to save her, he made it to her, but there is no time to move and dodge the truck. Looking at the people suddenly pooping in front of his truck and turns his truck sharply towards right, i.e., in the direction of Mack. Seeing the truck turning towards them, everyone runs for there life while screaming for help.

Hearing all the shouts near him, Mack lifts his head to look why is everyone is shouting. But all he can see is the front of a speeding truck which is at one hand distance from his face. ”Fuck… ” Thats all he managed to say before… well turning into a paste.

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