Ch 1 ⎼ Welcome trainee actor “Zhuo Yu” to the set.

“ Down in the depths of my fiery home, 

The summons bell will chime

Tempting you and all the Earth,

To join our sinful kind ”

This is a song written by the band “Metallica” in 1991.
The metal wave swept across North America.
It is said that in that year, many criminals were fond of it, and even in the prison “Jump in the Fire” was played. 1

While listening to the song, Zhuo Yu lightly tapped his fingers on the armrests of the wheelchair, as if beating along to the demon in the song.

“Listening to such loud heavy metal again.” A middle-aged man sat impatiently across him: “It’s just noise.”

Zhuo Yu’s finger paused and retorted, “Strictly speaking, it’s thrash metal.”

“I’m not here to argue over music with you.
The deadline is approaching, and overseas publishers are in a hurry.

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by the slightly hoarse voice of the young writer: “I’m going on a long trip.”

“Are you serious? Running around at a time like this? You can’t move on your own in this situation, you push the wheelchair? You should stay at home honestly.” The editor asked several questions in a row, clearly disapproving.

Zhuo Yu didn’t say anything back, he knew his worry was not without reason.

Since three years ago, there have been a large number of cases of missing persons across the country, with more than seven million cases being recorded.
And this kind of situation is not limited to the country alone, even abroad it’s happening one after another.

No matter how much manpower and material resources the police deploy, these disappearances are like stones dropped into the sea, without any news.
Scientists too tried to find results in their fields, but still couldn’t find anything.

In the beginning, the government was able to keep the situation under wraps, but when these kinds of unexplained disappearances affected a large part of the population and became a world-class disaster, these unsolved cases could no longer be suppressed.
In the first year, people panicked and marched in the streets, but by the third year, everyone got used to it, and even accepted the rhetoric that “the changes in the earth’s magnetic field have caused people’s senses to be abnormal, and it has become particularly easy to get lost.”

Nothing more has been done, other than not going in the streets when it’s dark, choosing places with surveillance video and implanting location chips distributed by the government for free.

Human beings have always been very adaptable; most people now continue to live as usual, even though the number of missing people this year has reached the highest level ever recorded in history.


The editor became a little embarrassed by Zhuo Yu’s silence, and wondered if his words offended him, after all, as famous as he was, he was also a person with a disability.
And Zhuo Yu has always been very concerned about this.

When he first met Zhuo Yu, he had already spent all his wealth on the treatment of his legs and still does, every time the exorbitant payment of the manuscript arrives, it’s all put into the treatment fund, but that money is simply squandered.
He could not understand the other party’s morbid obsession at all.

In the silent atmosphere, the music was still playing.

“ There is a job to be done and I’m the one

You people make me do it

Now it is time for your fate and I won’t hesitate

To pull you down into this pit “

The violent sound of the electric guitar was like a chainsaw, making the middle-aged man a little anxious.
Just when he was hesitating to say something, Zhuo Yu handed over a tablet, ending the battle between heaven and the man in his heart.

An anonymous forum was opened on the screen, and the domain name looked very complicated and secretive.
On the first page, there was a red post with a scarlet and dazzling font.

[ Firefriends, my cousin is home, but something has changed in him that I can’t accept …… ]

The editor’s curiosity aroused, he clicked in, and found that the person who posted the post was very disturbed, he could almost imagine the headless chicken appearance of the other party.
From the chaotic words, he pieced together a complete story.

A sunny and cheerful teenager disappeared after school for no apparent reason, and inexplicably returned three months later, the entire person’s temperament was changed to extreme violence, but what was most alarming was that the teenager was disabled.

When he was a child, he had his left arm cut off by a machine while playing in his father’s factory.
Yet now, he is intact, his left hand had appeared out of nowhere, with the exact same moles on it as before.
This is not something that can be explained by science at all.

Recovery from a disability…

The editor was stunned, he raised his head and stared at Zhuo Yu, and suddenly formed a bad connection in his mind.

“I discovered this forum three years ago.
Many people with missing relatives and friends gathered here on their own.
Of course, there are also people like me who have had nightmares for a long time and found it by following the clues.” Zhuo Yu shrugged innocently, but the implied fervour in his tone simply made the man’s hair stand on end.

“According to my investigation, many missing people before often had weird dreams like me.
In the dream, they were all burned by fire, and the pain was almost real.  And after waking up, they couldn’t help but want to touch flames.”

The editor swallowed, and lowered his eyes unnaturally.
He didn’t dare to look at Zhou Yu; the things in Zhuo Yu’s eyes were too hot, as if some kind of nameless belief was born in vain, as if it could burn the whole person in fire.

“ So Come on,

 Jump in the fire! 

So Come on, 

Jump in the fire! “

The piercing music added to the panic, the editor wanted to stop Zhuo Yu but couldn’t open his mouth at all.

“I didn’t pay much attention to this matter before, just tried my best to avoid touching the flames, until, I saw this post.” Zhuo Yu kept his smile, “Thirteen cases, I found thirteen cases of disability recovery; This cannot be a coincidence.”

The middle-aged man couldn’t listen anymore.
He said incoherently, “Why are you telling me this? No, what are you going to do, you ……”

“Shhh …… shhh.” Zhuo Yu put his fingers on lips his lips, “Look into my eyes.”

The editor subconsciously raised his head and collided his eyes with the other party’s dark, bottomless ones.
Soon he calmed down, and the anxiety that was about to burst into flames disappeared.
He had found that every time he looked into Zhuo Yu’s eyes, he would feel an inexplicable calm, so he couldn’t get angry anymore, and agreed to many things in a daze.

“I just need a witness.” Zhuo Yu said: “You know I am a ritualistic person.”

He said and pulled a necklace from his neck, hanging from it was a beautifully crafted, jewel-encrusted lighter, which was almost a work of art if you didn’t know its function.

“Don’t be impulsive!”

The editor shrieked, and the heartstrings that had just subsided rose high again, he completely believed the other man’s pie-in-the-sky talk because…… as Zhuo Yu had said, he himself was having such dreams.

There was a click, and a cluster of exuberant blue flames emerged, lighting up Zhuo Yu’s delicate face, which was too young and too privileged, his eyes seemed to have fire dancing in them.

At the last moment when the editor saw him, it was the silent whisper of Zhuo Yu’s lips.

 I’m waiting for you over there, my friend.


[ Welcome trainee “Zhuo Yu” to the set, the movie “Strange Tales of the Lakeside” is being loaded~ ]

[ This film is classified as: Murder (10v1).
Please survive until the end of the film.
Good luck to all the actors, ]

Zhuo Yu was awakened by the night wind.
The humid air was mixed with the fragrance of plants and trees, there was also the smell of soil after rain.

When he opened his eyes, he saw several strangers gathered not far away, with fear written on all their faces.

“10v1, the system is asking us to die! Ten people against the BOSS, are they kidding!”

“Damn, don’t talk about us, even those senior actors may not be able to hold up.”

“Wait, the set matched six newcomers matched this time?!”

The words just fell, and four men and women of different ages looked at Zhuo Yu, and the despair in their eyes became more and more real.

“Not only newcomers, but there is also a fucking paralyzed man here!”

A middle-aged man disrupted the indignant anger in air.
His face was pale as he stood up scrambling and yelled: “What’s new or not? Where is this? I’m going to call the police! I’m telling you, kidnapping is a crime!”

The girl next to him had a different reaction.
Looking at the dark sky and the completely unfamiliar environment, she trembled.

“This is missing, so this is the missing…” The girl seemed to think of something, and fell to the ground in despair, she buried her face and mumbled to herself.

Zhuo Yu had a headache from all the noise.
He regained consciousness and found a dilapidated old wheelchair under his body.
There was a spacious highway in front of his eyes and several cars parked nearby.

This was no longer the scene of the living room.

He succeeded…He really succeeded!

Unlike others, what he felt in his heart wasn’t any fear or panic, but rather, extreme ecstasy.
But he couldn’t show it; he pursued his lips and restrained his overpowering emotions.

“I Was Just smoking a cigarette, Can someone explain What the hell just happened?”

“Help! I was cooking at home a second ago second!”

The surroundings became chaotic, but no one was there to solve this puzzle for them.
The only thing they had in common, was that they had all come in contact with the flames.

The group of four seniors looked at the newcomers with aching teeth, then leaned against the large caravan to discuss something among themselves, their brows full of discontent and anxiety. 

The leader of the group, a muscular man, stopped them complaining with a wave of his hand, “Stop talking about it, it’s better to think about how to survive.

At last, he turned his gaze to the newcomers and solemnly said, “To make a long story short, you are now in a horror movie, if you wish to live, you can only do so by following the task given by the system, for now, it’s enough to know this much.

Zhou Wu held up his wrist: “Touch the tattoo on the top, it’s more convincing than me.”

Zhuo Yu lowered his head when he heard

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