C05: Let’s Shoot a Cooking Video!

Having overcome my midday drowsiness, I headed home after school.

“All right, Yuuto, I wanna film a video today, so I’m heading home,” I say to Yuuto as I pack up my bag.

“Got it, good luck! Be careful on your way back, okay?”
“You’re not my mom, you know…”

“Well, considering how you look, it’s not a bad thing to remind you,” he quips, taking a quick glance at my appearance.

“Thanks, I guess.
I’ll make sure to be careful on my way back.”
I’m off to club practice,” he replies as he walks away.

“Good luck.”
“Thanks,” he says, waving goodbye as he makes his way to the clubroom.

By the way, Yuuto is a member of the track and field club and is one of its best athletes.
He’s even quite popular among the girls.
I’m a little envious…

After parting ways with him, I hopped on a bus and got off at the stop near my house.
I dropped off my bag and headed out to buy groceries for dinner and tomorrow’s bento.

I rode my bike to the supermarket and bought the necessary ingredients.

Once I got home safely, I took a shower to rinse off the sweat and changed into clean clothes before cooking.

“Should I film the process of making the food first and then add the audio and video later?”

Today, I decided to make karaage, or Japanese-style deep-fried chicken.
First, I cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces and marinated them in a mixture of soy sauce, sake, mirin, grated garlic, nutmeg, and seasoning liquid for about 30 minutes.

While the chicken is marinating, I’ll cook the rice and prepare the other side dishes.

For my bento, I’ll make tamagoyaki.
I mix eggs with dashi stock and a little sugar before simmering it over low heat in a tamagoyaki pan.
I’m not very good at rolling it neatly, so I’m a little embarrassed to film it.

For the second dish, I’ll make braised burdock root.

I cut the burdock into thin strips, finely chop the carrot, and then stir-fry them in a sweet and savory sauce until done.
I made a large amount and stored it in small portions in the freezer.
That way, I could easily add it as a side dish when making future bentos.
I really recommend it.

By the time the two dishes were finished, the marinated chicken was also ready to be fried.
I coat the chicken in potato starch and deep-fry it in oil.
It’s essential to thoroughly remove any excess moisture from the chicken, but it’s okay even if you don’t wipe it with a paper towel.

I didn’t need to fry the chicken twice, so I took it out once it was fully cooked.
After cooking it for about 3 minutes with residual heat, it was done.

The result is a delicious and crispy karaage.

I pack everything in a bento box, and the meal is complete.

I filmed the process and added a voice-over and my 3D model in post-production.

Before I knew it, it was already 10 pm while I was editing the video.
Luckily, I finished editing and uploaded it.

[Good evening, onii-chans and onee-chans! Today, I’m thinking of making a bento box for everyone!]
Yuka Shirahime exclaims, cheerfully raising her clenched fists.

[Let me introduce today’s dishes: karaage, tamagoyaki, and braised burdock root!]

[First, I’ll cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces and marinate it in the seasoning mixture listed in this caption for 30 minutes!]

[While the chicken is marinating, I’ll make the tamagoyaki.
I like mine sweet, so I’ll add a little sugar.
But keep in mind that this is a matter of personal preference!]

[When frying the egg, beginners might burn them on high heat, so I suggest using medium heat!]

[Once bubbles appear, pop them and roll the egg quickly.
You can repeat this process about three times.]

[After rolling, slice it up and arrange it on the plate, and it’s done!]

[Next up is the braised burdock! Honestly, it’s a bit of a hassle cutting the burdock into thin strips… But it’s one of my favorites, so I usually make a large batch and freeze it for later use!]

[Once the burdock root is sliced, soak it in water for a bit, and while that’s happening, I’ll finely chop the carrots.
Then, I’ll stir-fry everything with soy sauce, sugar, and mirin.
And for some added heat, I’ll throw in some chili pepper!]

[This dish goes so well with rice… Ehehe…]

[Lastly, the main event: karaage! Coat the seasoned chicken in potato starch and fry it in oil.
Be careful, though, as the oil can get very hot during cooking!]

[When the chicken turns a nice golden color, let it rest for about 3 minutes to cool slightly, and then it’s ready!]

[Next is the bento!]
[Pack the rice and side dishes like so… and we’re done!]

[Onii-chan, onee-chan, please enjoy your meal♪]

[If this video receives positive feedback, I might make it into a series.
So, if you enjoyed it, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel! Thank you!♪]

—Yuru Kakizaki’s POV—

“Oh, there’s a new video.”
I received a notification from Yuka Shirahime’s channel and took a break from work to watch it.

“It’s a cooking video this time, huh? Wait, cooking?!”
VTubers are virtual beings, and corporate VTubers rarely shoot hand cams and the like.
I guess it’s because she’s an indie that she can do this, huh?

“Haha, her fave side dish is so like a guy’s…”
In the video, Yuka Shirahime is happily making karaage.

Just imagining that cute boy enjoying the food makes me feel like I could eat three bowls of rice.
It’s strange; I know I couldn’t actually eat that much.

[Onee-chan, make sure you savor the taste, okay♪]
My heart skipped a beat.
I usually try to maintain a cool and composed image, but while watching Yuka Shirahime, I feel like a young girl in love.

—The Online Forum’s Reaction—

[The Cutest Boyish Girl Ever] A Yuka Shirahime Thread (Surprisingly an Indie VTuber?)

1: Name: Anon Onii-chan
This is a thread about Yuka Shirahime.
It’s okay to talk about collaborations and interactions with other VTubers in the future, but for now, please try to stay on topic.

2: Name: Anon Onii-chan

thanks for starting the thread

3: Name: Anon Onii-chan

thanks for starting the thread
can’t believe we’ve got a separate thread for her now.

4: Name: Anon Onii-chan

>> 1 thanks
did anyone else watch the latest video?

5: Name: Anon Onii-chan

I did.
Now I’m hungry.

6: Name: Anon Onii-chan

I watched it too.
Her arms are so slender and cute.

7: Name: Anon Onii-chan


that’s what you were watching?
the recipe was actually pre good, i think it’s from a famous cooking Yotuber.

8: Name: Anon Onii-chan

Seriously? Now I wanna eat Yuka-tan’s food too…

9: Name: Anon Onee-chan

Slender arms.
She’s so cute and huggable.
I want to pet and spoil her.

10: Name: Anon Onii-chan

looks like we also have an onee-chan among us now

11: Name: Anon Onee-chan

i’m here too
i wish yuka would make me a bento
and maybe tell me “good job” and say she loves her onee-chan.

12: Name: Anon Onii-chan

LOL, these desires are so honest

13: Name: Anon Onii-chan
I can’t wait for her live stream.
I’ll wait in my dreams till then!

14: Name: Anon Onii-chan

Dude, how many days are you planning to sleep? Wake up.

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