Possession (2)

The sun rose as morning came.
It was the first day of school.

I thought that living as a high school senior in Korea once was enough, but apparently not because now I have to go through it the second time.
I wanted to just graduate even though I haven’t even entered school yet.

It was all about hellish competitions and dozens of mock exams.
Just thinking about it made me sick and the desire to escape soared, but I couldn’t escape.

Silently, I stood in the mirror and looked at the school uniform that idols would wear.
In case this wasn’t from an Inso, the spring and autumn clothes, which consisted of a white shirt and an ivory vest, looked pretty.

Wouldn’t it be okay if I took it easy?

Yoo Sihyun’s school days were simply hell and buried in studies.
I remembered that time when I struggled to study for the entrance exam for a top university as I took out the cross bag that was prepared in advance.
It allowed me to wear a cross-body bag instead of a school bag, which seemed pretty good.

The problem was that everything else was pretty bad.
I wanted to go back to where I used to live because I didn’t need cross-body bags or anything.

After muttering words that wouldn’t come true anyway, I cautiously walked towards the door, then glanced towards the master bedroom.

Even though it was their only son’s first day of high school, Kang Sihyun’s parents didn’t come out to see him.
It was natural.

Kang Sihyun, who was lively and friendly, could’ve acted heartless if he wanted to.

It was almost impossible to treat Kang Sihyun’s parents kindly now that I’ve possessed his body, but that’s because the bond between parents and children does not form overnight.


Suddenly, I recalled the voice I ignored last night that constantly said ‘I’m sorry’.
I shook my head.
It was as if I had committed a crime.
I just didn’t want to treat his parents as my own just because I possessed him.

And what’s important now isn’t Kang Sihyun’s parents.

I didn’t want to get caught by the female lead, Jung Dawoon.

Last week, Dawoon knocked on the door and shouted, asking me to come out, but I just stared at the door, feeling my legs turn to jelly.

I had never met her face to face, but there was something I could just instinctively tell just from the aura I felt outside.

How would it feel if a former childhood friend suddenly changed his personality, then tried to ignore and run away?

My eyes sank at the sudden thought.
My head slowly and calmly turned.

From Dawoon’s point of view, it would be absurd and upsetting, but it has nothing to do with me as ‘Yoo Sihyun’.
This is a fictional world anyway, and it wasn’t related to me.

From the beginning, she was obviously a stranger.
There’s no need to feel guilty, so I carefully opened the door and came out.
I checked for sounds and looked back.

With no one there, I could finally breathe in the open.
It was when I took my phone to try to find my way to school when…

“Kang Sihyun.”

A cold voice pierced my ears like an awl.
I flinched as I stared at the voice of the protagonist.

My blue eyes trembled slightly.
Despite having plain brown hair and eyes, the owner of the very striking beauty was in front of me.
Her appearance was enough for me to know that it was Dawoon, even if no one told me.

She was pretty, but I wasn’t thrilled.
I was 23 in my actual world, but if I was excited at 17, that would be crazy.

Yet now I felt like I was going to die at any moment.

I had just turned from 23 to 17, yet her stare made me feel like I was going to be eaten.
Her flashing brown eyes were menacing.
Kang Sihyun wouldn’t have the guts to say hello in an easy-going manner while facing such eyes, but Yoo Sihyun did.

“Now you’re crawling out.”


A terrifying energy emanated from the girl who was smaller than me.
I had a vague thought that I might die if I met her, but I really didn’t imagine that my tomb would be in front of my house.

“For the past week, I’ve been calling you to death even with a sore throat, and now you’re crawling out.”

Yes, I have to go to school too, right?

Contrary to those hideous words, Dawoon’s voice was still strained.
I don’t think her throat was sore, but it was clear that she was hurt.

I held the bag strap as if it were my lifeline and rolled my eyes.

Was Kang Sihyun good at running?

At first glance, I thought I had read in the character description that he was part of the track and field team.

After securing a rough escape route and rolling my eyes, I looked at Dawoon, who was still gritting her teeth and flaring at me, as if she was going to kill me.


When I finally opened my mouth, Dawoon widened her eyes.
I smiled awkwardly at the brown eyes, which still looked at me, as I tried to make an excuse.



I at least had a conscience so I blurted out a short apology and kicked the ground.
Perhaps the character description about being part of the track and field club wasn’t a lie, but his body was very light as I started to run at a fast speed.

This being my first time that I could reach a speed this fast, I was surprised that his legs ran faster than expected, but was then shocked when I looked back at Dawoon.

Running with such a force that she was going to kill someone, Dawoon was like a fierce beast.
Still, I thought it would be okay because Kang Sihyun was in the track and field club.
But when I thought about it, Dawoon was on the volleyball team.
One is in track and field, the other is in volleyball.
I thought they were childhood friends, but they were very different.

“You’ll only get caught eventually.”

Even though there was obviously a considerable distance, those words became clearer as her speed increased.
The thought that I wouldn’t die peacefully if I was caught made me run with all my might.

How far did I run? Even though the distance widened, I could still see Dawoon’s silhouette when I turned my head.
I choked on my breath as I tried to secure a safe distance.

For a moment, I could have gotten out of Dawoon’s sight, even for a very short time.
Then I could change directions and run away.

My head was spinning.
Before I knew it, I had completely forgotten about going to school.

Only thinking of running away, I hurriedly turned towards the corner and into an alley that seemed to have read my thoughts.
Once I turned the corner, I could see a fork in the road.
I hesitated and ran to the left, and once again, I saw a corner right in front of me.

I could live just by turning around there.
It was that moment when I had fallen behind with such thoughts.


Suddenly, a person jumped out of the alley where I thought no one would come.

Surprised, my pupils widened like a rabbit and looked at the boy in front of me.
It was a blond-haired boy.

The distance between the boy and myself grew closer before I realized it.
Because I was running at a speed I had never done before, I had no time to stop to avoid the collision.


The boy gave out a short groan as I hit his body.


The sound of falling was unusual.
I looked at the boy, surprised, as I raised my upper body and watched him absorb the shock.

I couldn’t help but feel sorry for rushing into him like a mad bull.

“I’m sorry, where did you get hurt-”

I looked at his platinum-colored eyes and uttered those words, unconsciously lowering my gaze and stiffening my body.


With a blank expression and forgetting to make any connections, I double-checked what came into my field-of-view again.

I saw the three-letter name engraved on his white name tag.

‘Yoo Seowoo.’

It was the name of one of the Four Great Heavenly Kings.

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