This question made Wang Jianguo freeze for a moment before answering hesitantly.
“……Because of a power outage?”

The rules of the daily living area stated that there would never be a blackout, but Wang Jianguo unconsciously remembered the element of power outages not knowing whether this rule was true or not.

Su Rong’s face became increasingly ugly as she continued to ask.
“If even the daily living area that won’t have any power outages went out, then what do you think will happen to the other places in the supermarket?”

“Of course, the power will also be cut off!” Zhao Peng was about to collapse.
“What the hell have you been talking about? Have you been polluted?”

Su Rong sighed helplessly.
She didn’t mean to stall for time, but she was just trying to straighten up her mind.
“If the entire supermarket had a blackout, then is the refrigeration in the seafood area also gone?”

Wang Jianguo immediately reacted to this statement.
“You mean some seafood has escaped?”

“But don’t the rules say the escaped seafood is safe?” Zhao Peng cried, guessing the desolate possibility in his heart.

Thinking of the rule that had long been bright red, Su Rong’s lips twitched.
“What if that rule is false?”

“Then that means the seafood crawling outside of their tanks……are extremely dangerous.”

Successfully creating a silence, the three glanced at each other as Wang Jianguo barked out an order.

Just as they were running out of the seafood area without looking back, the black shadow swept past them once again.
The difference was that everyone could see that the black shadow was getting closer to them.

“Don’t kill me!” Zhao Peng shouted desperately.
“That woman over there is way more delicious! Go and kill her!”

Shit! This guy!

Su Rong cursed inwardly and tried to increase her running speed.
As we all know, when facing a tiger, you don’t need to be the fastest runner.
You just need to not be the slowest.

Unfortunately, Su Rong was the slowest.

Compared with men, women were inherently weaker in physical strength.

There was a burst of despair in her heart.
She didn’t want to believe that she would die here.
However, she seemed to be condemned by the gods.
She could not catch up with the two figures in front of her, even though she tried her best.

In the blink of an eye, the black shadow rushed to the head that had been screaming.


Zhao Peng screamed, flopped to the ground and frantically pulled at the thing on his head.

Su Rong and Wang Jianguo stopped involuntarily.
In their sight, they saw an octopus on Zhao Peng’s head.
It was a dark blue octopus, the size of a person, emitting a fishy odor.
Eight tentacles tightly grasped at Zhao Peng’s face and its mouthpiece wrapped around his head, devouring him little by little.

Zhao Peng only felt a sharp pain on the top of his head, as if the roof of the sky had been opened.
He wanted to scream, but a tentacle blocked his throat and tore away his tongue.
He could only let out a desperate, muffled groan.
His eyes bulged outwards from the suction as if they were about to burst out at any moment.

Pain, endless pain.
In extreme despair, Zhao Peng was finally given death.

Outside, Su Rong could vaguely hear the sound of his skull being crushed by the octopus’ mouth with a “squelch squelch.” Zhao Peng’s voice was muffled inside its mouth, getting smaller and smaller.
The only thing that could be seen was blood leaking down between the crevices, and flowery yellowish-white brain chunks.

Observing this terrifying scene, she suddenly realized that the octopus was clearly much faster than them.
So the routine of running ahead wouldn’t apply here at all.
Zhao Peng’s yelling should have been what attracted its attention, so he was the first one attacked.

“Don’t look, run!” Wang Jianguo’s bellow awakened the dazed Su Rong.
She came back to her senses and hurriedly rushed out.

It wasn’t until they left the seafood area that the two stopped, panting heavily.

The supermarket was as quiet as when they entered, and the pale lights reflected their bloodless faces.
Wang Jianguo’s expression was ugly.
“What should we do now? There are only two of us left.
If we can’t find a way out today, we’re definitely dead.”

“We have to go to the warehouse.” Su Rong answered, licking her lips.
“Do you remember the note we just saw in the seafood area?”

“Money clam?” Wang Jianguo asked.

Su Rong nodded.
“What we need is money.
Doesn’t the name imply something to us? There may be a stock of money clams in the warehouse.
No matter how bad it is, there should be a way for us to find money clams from the seafood area.”

“But it says in the rules that non-workers are not allowed entry in the warehouse.” Wang Jianguo had a good memory.
He hesitated before speaking, “Could this rule be fake?”

Su Rong now believed she could see the wrong rules.
Given the rule was black, she naturally wouldn’t doubt it.

She frowned.
“We must have overlooked something.”

Only the staff could enter the warehouse, but they had searched all over the supermarket and there was no one other than them.
Since there were no staff, was the warehouse not unlockable?

But that was obviously impossible, because they’d now reached a bottleneck.
In any case, there should be a way for people to escape this ghost talk.
Otherwise, wouldn’t it be better to just kill them all in the beginning?

Suddenly, Su Rong’s brain flashed.
“Employee? I know!”

“What did you think of?” Wang Jianguo asked hurriedly, his spirit lifted.

Su Rong showed a rare smile and walked impatiently toward the front.
“The cash registers! On the chair where I found the first rules, there was an employee uniform!”

Wang Jianguo, who followed her, suddenly understood her intention.
“You mean, if we wear the employee uniform, we can enter the warehouse as employees?”

“That’s my guess.” Su Rong affirmed.
“Otherwise, there is no way.”

Although it didn’t sound that reliable, if nothing else the impossible had become possible.

When the two reached the checkout area, they saw the staff uniform on the chair.
It was an ordinary-looking red uniform.

Su Rong picked up the uniform and looked at it.
As if she suddenly thought of something, her eyes became dark.
“There is only one.
Who will wear it?”

“It’s okay.
Let’s go to the warehouse first.” Wang Jianguo said casually.
“We have to go through the clothing area first to reach the warehouse.
Do you remember the rules there?”

Su Rong recalled the incident after being reminded by him and quickly said, “There should be something wrong with the rules of the clothing area.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Do you remember Huang Tao? She became like that after she went to the clothing area.
With her timid character, she shouldn’t have violated any rules.
But something still went wrong.
From this, it can be concluded that the rules are wrong.”

Wang Jianguo nodded, convinced.
The reason Huang Tao had a problem was most likely because of the rule, [If you see a strange mannequin, you should close your eyes and pray for ten seconds.] There was an error in this rule.

But in case the situation arised again, what was the correct course of action?

After hesitating for a while, Wang Jianguo took the initiative to ask.
“Is it possible we need to do the direct opposite of the rules? That is, to run away as soon as we see the mannequin?”

The rule was misleading in itself, and some rules only needed to be followed in reverse.

Su Rong herself had no idea about this and nodded affirmatively after hearing the words.
“Maybe that’s the case.”

The two looked at each other and headed to the clothing area with the courage to lie down with death.

Neither of them had ever been to this place.
When they first saw the mannequins, they were almost taken aback.
They thought they encountered something strange as soon as they came here.
Wang Jianguo reacted first.
“The clothes on these models fit well, so there should be no problem.”

Su Rong breathed in relief, following him in and treading cautiously.
Walking between the tight rows of hangers, there was no noise except for the sound of footsteps.
Both of them were very fast, trying their best to make it through this area.

However, the strengthened “Him” couldn’t possibly grant them what they wished for.
In the blink of an eye, a mannequin with a very strange shape suddenly appeared at the end of the corridor.

It wore four pairs of short sleeves and black trousers with eight legs.  The eight legs formed a ring, as if tentacles would protrude from it at any moment.

It was clearly a pale, plastic dummy without facial features, but it gave the feeling of a real person standing there.

Seeing this mannequin, Su Rong’s eyes suddenly widened and she turned around, running away.
Wang Jianguo followed closely behind, the narrow corridor making it impossible to squeeze past the girl in front.

He only felt a warm breath coming from behind him inexplicably, as if something was following him.
Wang Jianguo began to wonder if their method was wrong, if they shouldn’t turn tail and run.
He wanted to stop and close his eyes in accordance with the rules, and he had an urge to see what was going on with the mannequin behind him.

Keenly aware that Wang Jianguo’s footsteps behind her began to slow down, Su Rong’s heart tightened and she spoke without turning her head.
“Brother Wang, are you okay?”

Wang Jianguo’s mind was pulled back by this sound, and he quickened his pace to catch up with her.
“I’m fine.
We’ll be out soon.”

The two ran wildly all the way and finally made it out of the clothing area.
Su Rong was out of breath and smiled wryly.
“The amount of exercise I’ve had today is more than the amount I’ve had in my entire summer vacation.”

“Then you should exercise more.” Wang Jianguo chided.
He didn’t look tired as he gazed at the closed iron warehouse doors in front of him.
“This is the warehouse.”

Su Rong slowly took out the employee uniform and handed it to Wang Jianguo.
She frowned, her eyes fixed on the uniform as she clenched her teeth, as if experiencing some sort of violent psychological struggle.

Wang Jianguo reached out to pick up the uniform.
At the same time, he asked with concern, “What’s wrong?”

When he was about to touch the clothes, Su Rong retracted her outstretched hands together with the uniform with a “swish,” and breathed a long sigh of relief.
“There’s something I need to tell you in advance.”


“……If you put on this uniform, there is a possibility that you may never be able to leave again.”

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