is free from the **** of the body, it would immediately leave the universe?”

“Even the soul can directly transcend the long river of time, travel through space and years, and become an existence floating on the timeline?”

“Doesn’t that mean I can travel to any era, even tampering with history?”

Cuntou man shook his head and said his own thoughts again: “That’s not necessarily true.”

Yin Shen asked: “Why?”

Cuntou: “I just said that the soul and the universe you are talking about are like two non-overlapping planes, two non-overlapping planes, there’s no crossing point linking them at all.”

“You are not related to the universe, so from what angle do you perceive the existence of the universe?”

“You can’t even perceive the universe, so how can you perceive time, and how can you travel further on the timeline?”

Yin Shen suddenly had an answer to the source of unexplained fear.

“So, once the soul leaves the body, it’s like a ship that’s lost its coordinates and direction.
It’s very likely that it will leave the universe and never find its direction back?”

Cuntou nodded: “One possibility is that you still have a connection or anchor with the real universe, with your body still being here”

“In this way, you can observe the universe through this anchor point, and as I said before, become an observer outside the universe and time.”

“If you have a different anchor point at different periods in time, you may even become the same as you said, a shuttle in the timeline.”

At this point, the words of Cuntou became gloomy.

“But there is another possibility.”

“The moment you leave the anchor point of your body, you are thrown into an unknown place outside the universe.”

“There may be another universe, it may be the source of time, or it may be another dimension or unknown that humans cannot imagine.”

“There may be nothing there, just like a prison, but where your soul will be trapped, ten million years, 100 million years.”



The scene fell silent for a moment, and no one spoke for a while.


At this time, Cuntou suddenly laughed, and he picked up the teapot and filled his and Yin Shen cups.

“You have a good idea, quite innovative.”

“My next new book wants to use your setting, maybe it will be popular?”

Cuntou did not take what Yin Shen said seriously, thinking that it was just the usual unrestrained empty what if talks they usually had.

However, Yin Shen was in a complicated mood, and stood up to prepare to leave.

“I’m leaving now!”

“If you write it out, or if you have any new ideas or ideas, remember to tell me and we will discuss them together.”

However, Cuntou stopped him and took out something from his backpack.

“Yin Shen, don’t leave yet.”

“With your issues, I will give you a good thing.”

Yin Shen took the box that Cuntou gave him and opened it.
It was an irregular stone with an exquisite insect pattern on it.

“What is this? A fossil?”

Cuntou : “Ledniche, a kind of trilobite.”

“Although this fossil isn’t worth a lot of money, but thinking about seeing creatures from hundreds of millions of years ago appearing vividly in front of you, it feels like you can’t buy this kind of shock for a lot of money.”

“Take it back and put it at home, imagine and feel the vicissitudes of the ancient earth and these ancient creatures hundreds of millions of years ago!”

Yin Shen thanked the Cuntou Man Xie, walked and looked at the present while holding the gift.

However, just as he was walking to the lobby, an out-of-control car suddenly crashed into the glass door of the hall from the street outside at a speed of more than 231 kmp, crashed into onto Yin Shen with layers of glass shards.

Yin Shen took the fossil in his hand and when he was knocked out like a rag.

In the pool of blood, Yin Shen’s eyes gradually blurred.

   “Who’s driving so badly, to be able to drive all the way from the main road to the lobby of the restaurant.”

Waiting to see clearly, Yin Shen became suddly reviled as he saw the car.


“It turned out to be a Tesla!”


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