I walked over to a white marble bathtub full of water.

Duke’s bathroom… yeah. It was the largest room I have ever been in. I can’t believe the bathroom is bigger than the living room my family used to go to!

“A maid will come to take care of you soon,” said the butler outside the door.

I was a little embarrassed. I started to take off my clothes, closing all the curtains.

“After washing, you can go out through the blue door on the right.”


“Then I have to go.”

“Wait, butler.”

I didn’t know what else I could call him.

The door opened slightly. I felt the butler step inside and stop.

“My name is Zion.”

“Yes, Zion… Butler.”

“Just call me Zion.”

I told him, sticking my head out from behind the screen:

“May I ask a question?”

“You can ask me anything after taking a bath.”


“Well, the only one! Duke told me to become his daughter. Can you explain me what this means?”

“This means that this lady is now the little mistress of this house, and I have to serve her.”

“Okay, but why did he want an orphan like me? Am I really that lucky? I can’t believe this.


“And what should I do now?”

After listening, he was silent for a moment.

“Formally, you haven’t been adopted yet, so I think you’re not my mistress tight now.”


“So, I will be honest with you for one single time. If a nobleman wanted to take a orphan as a stepdaughter, this is unlikely, but it still happens. This is a kind of charity. It’s about taking orphans and educating those with many talents.”

Oh. Charity. Now everything is understandable.

“And besides, Lord Jade is growing up alone, so you could be his friend.”

I listened to him holding my breath.

‘I must treat Lord Jade well.’

And if Jade hates me, then they kick me out?

“Duke doesn’t like people very much. None at all.”

I already knew that very well. Oh, you are a dark hero and a maniac Duke in this insane play.

“But if you grow up to be a worthy member of a noble family, you will receive the favor of Duke’s family.”

I see.

“Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind,” I muttered.

I squatted down and there was a splash of water.

“I apologize for the impudent words. In general, I will leave the young lady.”


“And the most important thing: in this house, a lady will grow up healthy and prosperous.”

The bathroom door closed.

‘…The water is warm here.’

I looked at my body.

Ugh, did I wash myself this morning? I swallowed nervously. My nails were blacker than black.

‘Is this… is this not a dream?’

There were two main characters in this novel.

The cruel Duke Collen and his son Jade as like two peas.

The main character was the Duke. Dark-haired, red-eyed, the Duke with a prominent lineage.

‘But it doesn’t end there.’

Umm… In my head, I looked back at the situation I was in.

‘Peacefully… Growing up healthy, is it possible?’

I remembered someshing…

‘…Duke, the person who will adopt me is a murderer.’

He has already killed 107 people.

Collen is a black magician. He is a skilled warlock. He sends curses to kill a person.

‘A warlock of the highest level can only survive if he absorbs the magical power of human bodies.’

And the more, the stronger it is.

‘Collen was the highest ranking warlock in the last 500 years.’

That’s all I know about Collen.

‘I never finished this book.’

All my memories were entangled.

‘I know… no. I think in my past life I really liked books.’

Most of the past life memories were in the white hospital ward. I read a lot of my favorite books there and watched TV. It’s all in my memory. I also loved mysticism, and I loved horror murder stories.

‘Because in my previous life I was sick.’

As I recall, Days of Duke Lewellton was the last book I read before I died. I read it avidly.

I was sick and could only dream of the frighteningly elegant and robust Lewellton family.

It’s like a viper with beautiful patterns on its body.

‘But still, Duke… He is terrible, but he is not dangerous to me. He’s on the side of justice… He’s like a hero. Just the dark hero.’

Collen was more than just a killer. The family, who learns of his illness, decides to raise Collen as a human weapon.

The royal family also took part. Collen grows up like a killer. He kills people, but he seeks and punishes only criminals.

‘Is this some kind of fair hero?’

This is a slightly strange hero, but nonetheless.

The villain who kills the villains. Serial killer who kills serial killers. A weapon of the royal family. This is Collen de Lewellton.

Now I know a thing or two about this world. Outside these walls, there are many people wanting Collen to die.

‘If I stayed on the street forgotten by all, it would be difficult for me to survive.’

Whichever way you look at it, it’s more likely that the killer’s stepdaughter, who has blood on his hands, will survive, and not a street beggar.


‘Who is this?’

I was surprised.

“Excuse me, young lady.”

They were the maids. They opened the door and entered.

“Sorry. Did I surprise you?”

I shook my head as I plunged into the water.

Looking into their basket, I realized for the first time that there are so many bath accessories in this world.

Various types of washcloths and motley soaps.

“Lady, please tell me if you are sick with anything.”

I opened my eyes and nodded.

Suddenly my body looked like some kind of flower garden. Because it smelled of different types of soap. The bath water was all black.

I was so ashamed.

“I’m sorry…”

“You can just fill in a new bath. Now get up.”

Finally, the maids came out, before that, from head to toe, wrapping me in an extremely thick and soft cloth.

‘Can I wipe my body with such a soft cloth?’

I felt sorry for her, but I touched the fabric with my fingertips. The maids, meanwhile, were busy here and there.

“Phew, I found the dress that Marianne wore as a child.”

The maid brought me a flabby dress with white lace.

“Wow! It’s so soft. It’s like the clothes of an angel.”

After changing my clothes, they gently dried my hair with a towel and then combed it.

My hands and feet were gently rubbed with oil. Then the maids cut my nails.

“Oh, you have such beautiful wrists. You are still so young and your skin is so delicate.”

The maids were proud of their work.

I felt like in the mirror I saw another person.

‘Uh? Pretty?’

I couldn’t take my eyes off the mirror.

…Was my hair that soft? Was my skin so white? Even my green eyes looked different now.

“Oh, young lady. You can go out now. It’s time for lunch.”

I was amazed at these words.

Passing through the powder room adjacent to the bathroom, I opened that blue door. On the silky wall were paintings of different colors and portraits of women in dresses.

But, looking at the table, I completely forgot about everything else.


‘Wow! It’s a fruit pie! There’s also meat.’

Orange pie, strawberry pie. Whole chicken baked with beef and honey.

Still steaming soup. Five types of bread. Salad with a bunch of fruits and vegetables. Even colorful puddings.

When I saw a table full of food, I began to salivate.

I climbed into a high chair. My feet stepped on something soft.

‘Looks delicious.’

Come to think of it, until I came here, I hardly ate for several days because I was sick.


I hugged my hungry stomach and barely waited for everyone.
But 10 minutes, 20 minutes.
After waiting for a long time, no one came.
But nobody showed up.

‘…Can I eat a little?’

I raise the warm bread in front of me.


Before my death, my illness was so severe that I lost all appetite.

This is the most delicious food I’ve eaten in all my years.

The bread melted in my mouth and the meat was so soft. The strawberry pie was sweet. The intense sweetness I tasted for the first time was like a drug.

With a chicken leg in one hand and strawberry pie in the other…


Tears came to my eyes from such delicious food. However, at that moment I felt that I was being watched.


It was Jade.

I didn’t know at what moment he came.

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