Hazel de Deitz was an aristocratic young man who was nothing special.

He was really the most common, with the exception of one bad habit. He sometimes attacked people. Mostly women.

Sometimes he ended up at the police station. But the cops were easy to buy off.

Even if he was drunk and beat someone up. Even if he drove his friend’s bride to suicide. Even if he added ‘medicine’ to the drink of a naive young girl.

He lived peacefully and happily.

‘Because being born as an aristocratic man is a privilege.’

The only strange event that happened recently is the suicide of his good friend Percy.

‘Aren’t you stupid? If you are with the money, you can take any women you want. Did he lose his mind and commit suicide? What nonsense, he was of noble blood.’

Hazel laughed.

‘So even better. It’s because of that girl Elise. Now there is no need to be afraid that Percy will get revenge for what we did to her.’

Percy died without knowing anything. Hazel was relieved.

‘It’s those bitches who behave rudely in the first place.
Tsk, tsk.’

Hazel didn’t feel guilty at all. He got into his carriage. At that moment, something twitched behind him.


Hazel felt suffocated. Something like a thin, tight thread wrapped around his neck.

Thud! Hazel’s face was slammed into the carriage side.


Someone whispered from behind. It was a very deep and cocky voice.

“I hear you’ve been doing a lot of bad things? Your friend is the one who told me your name. Was his name Percy? You’re going to go to hell soon, so thank you in advance.”

The man laughed.

“Name, Hazel de Deitz. Killed a woman during a perverted play and covered it up with money.
Countless other cases of violence against women, with 15 additional unconfirmed similar allegations.
Wow, this kind of human trash is like a gift set to me.”

The opponent caught Hazel’s eye just before he finally caught his breath.

A handsome man, but so creepy that he might seem like an angel of death. He was a handsome man with dark hair and red eyes.

‘Where did I see him… And why is my tongue not moving? What did he do to me?’

Hazel wanted to scream. But he couldn’t move.

“Oh, you’re still alive. But you can’t say a word. Then, shall we start eating?”

“Eup… uh, ugh…”

Hazel crawled on the bottom of the carriage.

“I like eating them while they’re still alive.”

As he pulled the leash like a dog leash, Hezel’s head snapped and he was dragged back.

“You lived like an animal and you will die like an animal.”

The man hummed.

“I now also have a daughter, so now I often hunt people like you. Ah, my name is Collen de Lewellton. Remember the name of the person who killed you.
This is also mercy.”

He stepped on Hazel’s neck.
Hezel’s head was crushed by the carriage floor.
He twisted his shoe as it were.

“You’re going to die right now, but I’ll play with your friends in the basement for a long time, so don’t worry.”

A black snake emerged from Collen’s hand.


The Black Mage’s black snake absorbs the mana of the dying and becomes stronger.

“Eat slowly.”

The snake pierced Hazel’s neck.

‘It feels good when I have a full stomach.’

The magical energy emanating from the dying body was so sweet.

He shook himself off and headed back to Dr.
Siebel’s laboratory, where his beloved daughter Leticia was waiting for him.

Today was the day his daughter was going to take the genius exam at the research institute.
It is a gentleman’s duty to use even short time efficiently and meaningfully.

* * *

…And when he entered the office in a good mood, Leticia, his crying child, ran into him.

“I’m sorry. I’m not a genius.”

What to do with this little baby who cries while saying that.

‘This kid is lovely and difficult.’

This baby knew some kind of magic to pick his heart up and drop it off before he knew it.

At the end of the exam, Collen went to the cafe with Leticia, who was recognized as gifted.

Collen wanted to buy all kinds of cakes there.

Leticia, with white, bread-like cheeks, began to turn her head. She tried to portray a serious expression and spoke:

“I can’t eat it all, really. One chocolate cake is enough.”


Leticia thought for a moment. Then she made a V gesture with her fingers.

“Then… maybe… two cakes…?”

Collen almost burst out laughing.

I’m going crazy, seriously.
How am I supposed to resist? It’s so cute.

“Why are you like that?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

He called a clerk to buy all the chocolate desserts.

After a pile of sweet-smelling cakes piled in front of her, Leticia’s eyes flashed with enthusiasm.

Cookie cakes, chocolate with sweet icing and dark chocolate cakes with ice cream.

Leticia swallowed her saliva.

“Come on, honey, eat.”

“Thank you for this food.”

Leticia glanced at Collen while eating cake.

“By the way.”


“Where did you go while I was on the test?”

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