“This book might be the answer… but I don’t think so. There is another symbol where the book was placed.”

A circle-shaped sign that someone has intentionally drawn.

‘Two circles and one cross.’

What if the cross is a plus sign? What if you add two circles?

“Circles of the same size are drawn side by side. I heard that such a figure means infinity. I don’t know the letters, but I have already learned a lot.”

The figure looks like a snake biting its tail. Infinity symbol. These are all from the novels that I read in a past life.

“Is there a book with the title Infinite in here? Or something similar.”

Siebel had a smile all over her face now. He took out a shiny white book.

“The title of this book is ‘Infinite Destiny’,” he whispered.

I opened the book Siebel handed me. Unlike normal books, there was a shiny card with ‘You did a good job’ written on it in the empty place.

“Wow. pretty. Thanks! I got the answer right.”

It was a moment of pride.

I was thrilled by Siebel and Collen’s praise, and I suddenly believed that I really had great intelligence.

“By the way, ‘Circle of the Cross’ is also the correct answer.
I never thought you’d come up with this far.
If you dig further, there will be a few riddles that follow, but the Duke’s patience will reach a tipping point, so I’ll stop here.”

It was really fun.
I nodded happily.

“What a smart young lady.”

I wondered if I could be praised so easily, but um.
To be honest, I shrugged.

“If you turn over the card you just found, you will find the address of my laboratory.”

I turned the card over.

‘Is this a business card?’

This was the first business card I received in my life.
I took good care of Dr.
Siebel’s business card.

“Smart kids change quickly as they learn and feel the world around them. I also had such a childhood.

“You’re a genius, sir.”

I nodded.

“Yes. Therefore, before I turned twenty, I had already received several doctoral degrees. I’m a teacher who helps people like a young lady. Please come back when you feel lost. The laboratory will always be open.”

“…Thank you,” I spoke politely as I had learned from the tutor.

Siebel whispered.

“Oh, and Duke expected nothing from the lady, but in fact you are a talent that deserves his pride.”

Siebel is not just a doctor. How did you know what I was thinking?

My cheeks turned red.
Ah, so was Collen excited? Just because he’s proud…

Then I heard a knock on the door. Siebel came to his senses and went out the door. I followed him too.

“The conversation is getting too long.
Isn’t it suspicious?”

Collen looked at Siebel.

Then, the intelligent figure from a moment ago was nowhere to be found, and Siebel waved her hand in panic.

“I just ran a test with a young lady. So, lady, my business card is, oops.”

Siebel hurried forward and hit his foot on the table again.

“You just gave me a business card.”

I raised my hand and shouted.

“You are more like a comedian than a doctor.”

Collen chuckled.

Siebel told me you should be proud of me.”

I said hesitantly. Then I walked a step closer to Collen.

“And I’m proud of Duke, too.”

I said a little timidly.

“And I hope to continue to do so.”

“Okay honey.”

Collen suddenly relaxed.

“But I want you to call me daddy so it’s not awkward anymore.
There’s no need to rush, though.”


My cheeks turned red again. Calling him ‘dad’ was embarrassing, no matter how I thought about it.

“Now we’re leaving. I’ll send my butler to pay the bills.”

“Yes… Ah, I see.”

The clumsy Sibel nodded hurriedly.

“Goodbye, Doctor.”

I nodded my head.
While Collen found his gloves and put them on, I put on my coat.

“Come again, young lady.”

Until the door closed, Siebel was waving with a smile on his face.
I smiled and went down the stairs.

‘Let’s go to the cafe!’

* * *

The smile faded from Siebel’s face as they left the room. He changed his glasses and put his hand in his pocket.

“As I’ve heard, you’re an interesting young lady.”

He muttered.

“She was one step away from the real solution.”

He smiled.

Then he entered the second room, where a sweet little girl solved his riddle.

He took out two books ‘The Circle of the Cross’ and ‘Infinite Destiny’ at the same time and inserted his hand into the cracks formed on the shelf.

Then a box appeared.

“The real answer was not ‘You did a good job’ card, but this.”

He opened the box. The box was full of fresh red flowers. It was a red morning glory with a gold line.

“Oh, that’s right.
We can’t forget this one either.”

Siebel laughed and pushed open the bookshelf again.

Another secret room was opened.

Beyond the bookshelf was a huge test tube.
And inside, the corpse of a man soaked in drugs was sleeping curled up.

“And the next riddle will be: where is the real Dr.

He tapped on the glass of the tube.

“If you get all the answers right but can’t find the real answer, then your imagination is the problem.
If you go through a lot of more cruel things, your imagination will develop and you’ll grow to perfection.”

Siebel whispered.
He cast his words as he looked at his corpse.

“Good night, real Dr.
Siebel. I’ll use your identity for a while. It will be very useful to me.”

He smiled.

On the handsome man’s face, the kind expression from earlier was nowhere to be seen, only a smile filled with tension.

You’ll grow into a great woman.
I’m looking forward to it.”

He muttered this towards the body. But there was no answer from the real Dr.
Siebel, who had been dead for a long time.

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