“What do you mean? Come on, put it out faster.”

Collen was more excited than I was. I’ve never seen Collen do something like that.

“Oh, yes. So…”

Siebel raised his glasses and took out the documents.

“She speaks the language very well. She has a lot of expressive skills, and given her educational level, her reasoning skills, situational awareness skills, and quick thinking skills are all very excellent. The concept of numbers established that the ability to memorize is superior to that of average people. And this is shocking, because this child has never even learned to count. In other words, the young lady is…”


“You have a rare talent. I can also congratulate the Duke on this.”

My mouth was wide open and I didn’t know how to close it.

Oh right.
Still, I have memories of my previous life, so even if I rot, I’m still good enough.
Hearing those words, the corners of Collen’s lips twitched.

“As expected.
My daughter is a genius.”

“I’m not a genius.”

“That’s right.
If you’re talanted, you’re like a genius.
If you add cuteness to it, you’re definitely a genius.
You’re amazing.”

It’s a rounding genius.
What kind of miracle calculation is that?

“You said you wouldn’t care if I was an idiot,” I pressed the corner of my mouth that was about to rise slowly and said.

To be honest, it was good too. ‘True genius’. It was a compliment that I have never heard in my life.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re an idiot. But if you are smart and you have a lot of money, life will be much more fun,” Collen whispered.

Collen sometimes speaks as sweetly as the devil tempter. In addition, his tone has now undergone a very dramatic change.

“Shall we go get some chocolate cake now?”


“We’ll have to leave soon.
You have a lot to learn.”

Collen looked very proud. At the time, Dr.
Siebel hastened to add:

“Duke, I know you are busy, but since the test results are out, I need to talk to the lady.

“…I think you’ve already talked to my daughter at length,” Collen said, narrowing his eyes.

“Well, the Doctor says he has something to say.”

Siebel looked at me and smiled gratefully.

“Consultation about the test results is being held in the back room.”

“Can’t we talk here?” Collen asked savagely.
Siebel flinched.

“In order to have an honest conversation with the counselor, it is necessary to proceed without a guardian.”

“No. I’ll go too!”

Who’ll dare to harm me with a room between them? I pulled on Collen’s collar to ask him to put me down.
Collen reluctantly put me down.

“Come over here.”

Siebel opened the inner door.

The inner room was filled with numerous documents, mannequins and unknown machines.

“What is all this?”

“Ah, this is my personal lab. I do a lot of research here.”

Siebel managed to find a seat and offered me a chair.
And he sat across from me.

“Actually, there is an educational course for gifted children like young lady, but…”

Glancing, Sibel looked toward the door.

“Since the Duke cares for the young lady so much, he probably won’t allow the training course.
It’s a special institution, so it’s located a little far away.”

I blinked. I kept glancing around the room.
I felt strangely strange.

How does is called? The discomfort? Can I say so?

“Oh, did you notice?”

Siebel smiled.

“This room is the final ‘test’.”

Test? Ah!

I nodded broadly.

“Would you like to have some fun and solve the last problem? If you find a problem hidden in this room… If you notice the ‘structure’.

Siebel said softly.

‘It’s a hidden problem in the room.’

I looked around at the clutter.

But soon I noticed something odd about the wall.
Oh, I see.

“The structure of this room is exactly the same as the room we were in before! The difference is…”

If you remove all the papers and machines that filled the room, you will see the identical structure of the two rooms.

Brown desk, guest chair, same size bookshelf. And the picture is opposite. From ceiling vents to wall light hangers.

It’s like ‘find the differences’!

‘If I looking for something that stands out… painting?’

The painting hangs on the bookshelf. The front room was the same. Perhaps there is something hidden behind it, something on the bookshelf?

‘The painting was a landscape painting.
This painting is also a landscape painting, but if there is a difference between the two…’

I exclaimed inwardly.

“I remember that the picture in that room is unusual. This is a landscape, but in the middle of the forest there is a crossroads.”

This picture shows the same forest, but instead of a crossroads… a circle of flowers.

Flowers grow along a circular fence.

‘Cross and circle. If you imagine the diagram of the first room, then it is a perfect circle on the cross.’

A cross and a circle, a cross and a circle…

“Is there a book with crosses and circles in this bookcase?”

I asked embarrassedly.

“I can’t read perfectly yet.
I’m learning.”

Siebel smiled.

“I see.
It is true that gifted people are different. A young lady who can’t even write is a master at riddles like this.”

Siebel stood behind me and pulled out a book. His body almost touched mine.

Siebel, you’re taller than you look.
He seemed almost as tall as Collen.

“The title of this book is ‘The Circle of the Cross’.”

Siebel handed me the book.

‘Wait, is this the end of the riddle? Siebel definitely said it’s a final test.’

I looked carefully at the place where the book was pulled out.

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