Collen came over to me.

“What happened?”

I shook my head. However, tears burst out against my will.

“What’s happened? What did the Doctor say?”

“Ah, it’s nothing. Nothing.”

I sniffed.

“I’m sorry.
I’m not a genius.”


Collen’s expression became strange.

“I couldn’t answer Dr.
Siebel’s question one out of three times today.
And my memorization skills also the most common.
It might not be of any help…”

“What the hell do you mean by that?”

Collen grabbed my cheek and looked into my eyes.
I couldn’t say a word and looked at Collen with wide open eyes.

“I thought you’d be disappointed if I’m not a genius…”

I tried not to cry. I couldn’t breathe. Suddenly my body was lifted into the air.

Collen hugged me and looked me in the eyes.

“Shhh, it’s okay. Honey.”

My breathing slowly began to calm down.

“They say that daughters lift and release their father’s heart.
It’s really true.”


“I didn’t expect this, I was worried. As you know, there are many talents in our family. It’s no surprise that Jade and I skip grades or graduate early.”

“I’m different from the two of you.”

I’m not your real child. I got more depressed.

“This is true, but sometimes there are times when a real genius is born. They usually commit suicide or become depressed.”

Suicide? My mouth fell open.
Collen continued.

“It’s such a pity when a person gets such a powerful intellect that he can’t cope with it. As a child, Jade also had mild depression.”


“So, if you turned out to be a genius, I would need to take preventive measures in advance.
And what I seemed to be expecting, how could I not be delighted? Wouldn’t some parent of a clever and cute child like you be delighted?”


I sniffed.

“I don’t know anything smart. Really.”

“You don’t have to be smart. You can be stupid.”

“Who needs fools? A fool can’t do anything,” I replied helplessly.

It’s like calling a kid like me an idiot, who had no memory of his previous life when I was a beggar.

But Collen responded sternly.

“You don’t have to do anything.”

“So how will I live when I grow up?”

“You can live in my house and spend my money. I can handle it enough even when you become an adult.
Okay, baby? This is what it means to be my daughter.”

This is true? I opened my mouth. After all, Collen was a man beyond imagination.

The way Duke soothes me is a bit strange.

I rubbed my eyes. I rubbed my eyes.
What is a job that makes money?

It is obvious what will happen if the adopted daughter, who has no money to inherit, spends the family money.

Collen will probably take care of me. But in any case, this is not forever. After him, Jade will become Duke. Will there be other relatives as well? Will they curse at me?

“Are you still crying?”

Collen asked, putting his hand on my head. I nodded.

‘…Ugh, I think I’ll regret it later.’

Having calmed down, I wondered why I was crying.

“Then, shall we go to the cafe now?”

“Do you really want a cafe?”

You promised.”

There was a sweet cake and ice cream with sparkling sugar icing waiting for me.

Now I feel a little better.

“I thought the cafe story was a lie.”

It’s like calling in a cafe and sending it to the dentist … such a lie.

“I’ll go there and buy you whatever you want.”

“Chocolate cake.”

Collen froze for a moment at my words and then slowly touched my head. The next voice was very kind.

“Okay, honey. When Dr.
Siebel shows up, I need to talk to him. It’s fast.”


“Wasn’t he rude to you?”

“No. Really. The test itself was fun.”

Then Siebel walked over with a pile of papers in his hands.

Duke, you’re here.
Lady, did you cry?”

Siebel had a confused expression. He didn’t understand anything.

“Is the result ready?”

“Yes, it’s long to say, but…”

“Say it.
It’s time for my baby to have a snack.”

I’ll tell you the results.
The young lady…”

He’ll say I am an ordinary child, I guess.

It was a thought that came to my mind at that moment.

“She’s not a serious genius that requires special measures.
However, she shows exceptional intelligence in several areas.
She has abilities that can be classified as talented child.”

What? Me?

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