“Yes… um. I’m Leticia.”

I got frustrated and answered.

Siebel looked at me and smiled.

“Why are you laughing?” I asked helplessly.

“Oh no, no. You are so cute. Like a lost puppy.”

“I’m not a puppy.”

I shook my head. I finally looked up to see Dr.

“Are you really a doctor?”

“Yes, I am.”

“I thought all doctors фку old men with gray hair.”

“Ah, I’m not that old yet. It’s just that people like me are geniuses. People who earn many degrees at a young age. Duke has brought you to see if you’re the same as me. People like me can help a lady.”

“Thank you. Thanks for the kindness, but I don’t need help.”

When I said it in a firm tone, Dr.
Siebel laughed again.

“You’re really cute. Don’t worry, lady. In noble families this also happens all the time.”

“What are you talking about?”

“All parents believe that their child is a genius and bring them to me.”

“If the lady in front of me is a true genius, she will need my help.”


It was difficult to do something here, even though I knew that I would fail this test. I continued to worry.

“I hear you haven’t studied the letter yet. So I’m going to do it verbally. Do you want to have fun solving my problems? Let’s see, somewhere there was a test ticket …”

Siebel hurried to the table.


Then he hit the corner of the table. He bent down and rubbed his shin.

“Are you okay?”

“Oh yeah. I’m always such a muddler. At least it don’t bleed.”

Siebel laughed softly. I just realized that Siebel was quite handsome.

‘He’s a bit of a clumsy adult.’

I stared at him and thought.

“Let’s start right now. Haha…”

And Dr.
Siebel laid out his puzzles.

“How long can you solve this labyrinth?”

He showed a complex maze, showed numbers, told chains of cause and effect, asked about my associations, and so on ad infinitum.

‘…Come to think of it, I didn’t learn much from my past or present life.’

Some were answerable, some I really couldn’t solve.

I played things like Sudoku while lying in my room and eating rice cakes.
I did a lot in my past life.

But that’s all. I died young and didn’t go to school much, so I also couldn’t have learned much.

“Hmm, so… Is the reason the princess couldn’t get out of the maze because the first knight blocked the road? And this road is blocked in this way…”

However, getting used to it, Siebel’s riddles seemed pretty funny to me.

Several hours passed in this way. After she finished talking, Siebel spoke to me.

“I need to summarize the test results. If you wait here for a while, the Duke will arrive soon.”

“Yes,” I nodded.

‘No matter how much you’ll look at the results, I’m probably not a genius.’

A genius remembers by heart all the symbols he saw and finds patterns in the chaos.

I can count to ten on my fingers.

Genius is not about me. I remembered the words of Dr.

‘There are parents who thought their children were geniuses but were disappointed?’

I remembered my first meeting with Collen. I gave him a hint to catch the killer. And then Collen adopted me.

‘Does Collen think that I will continue to be helpful in his ‘work’?’

What if I won’t?

‘Will Collen be disappointed in me?’

Will they kick me out? No, even if I don’t get kicked out, I might end up in a pit in the house.

Several thoughts occurred to me. My back and legs hurt. I’ve been sitting too long.

‘There’s no way the results will come out today.’

I suddenly felt a bit depressed. So when Collen opened the door and walked in, my eyes were wet.

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