For the next few days, Collen didn’t remind me that I was a ‘genius’. So I thought Collen had completely forgotten about this story.

For some reason, Collen hadn’t gone anywhere in the morning one day. Jade went to the academy, and there were only two of us in the mansion.

“Hey, do you want to go outside to play?”

I jumped up in front of the fireplace doing my homework given by the teacher.

“Where are we going?”

“Marianne told me you liked the cafe you went to last time.”

Cafe… If it was a cafe, was it full of sweet desserts? I was already salivating.

The pies and biscuits baked by the manor house chef are also good, but the cafe had a huge sumptuous cake that beckons the eye.

“Are we really going there?”

“Ah, yes.
I have something to do outside.
Get ready and come.”

“I’ll get ready quickly!”

I hurriedly went to get my coat and hat.

“My lady, don’t run, let the people that served you do that.”

Zion hurriedly followed me. Oh right. I forgot again. The maids passing by looked at me, turned around and smiled.

Calm attitude, calm attitude.

But what if Collen changes his mind right now? This is a rare opportunity to go somewhere.

I draped a fluffy cape around my neck and put on a hat.

“You’re so pretty.”

Collen looked at me blankly and smiled.
He looked at me for a moment and then suddenly hugged me tightly.

“I’m going crazy because of you, baby.”

I blinked.
Collen bounced me a few times and put me down.

Ugh, the pillars feel good.

But my heart was still heavy. I wanted to take Collen’s hand and see what happened.

“Hehe, hand.”

Act as if you know nothing as much as possible.
Collen’s big hand squeezed my hand.
I took Collen’s hand and got on the carriage.

‘As expected, nothing comes to mind.’

But this time nothing happened.
The past few days, whenever I had a chance, I grabbed Collen’s bare hand, but the result was the same.

‘I don’t really know what this ability is.’

While I was thinking about it, the carriage quickly rushed through the city. But the place where the carriage stopped was not the cafe where Marianne took me.

Siebel’s… laboratory]

Now I can read a little.



My eyes widened as I read the text.

“Where are we?”

Siebel’s laboratory. You need to take a short test.”


Ah, the genius test. Only then did the meaning come to me.

“This is a test for you, baby. It’ll be over soon.”


Both in my past life and in this one I was an ordinary child. Rather, before the memories of the previous life come to mind…

‘I’m a little better than the average fool… I don’t know a thing about this world.’

Therefore, it was natural that my face turned pale.

“Welcome, lady.
Come this way.”

His name was ‘Doctor’, but the person who greeted me was not a doctor. A man with glasses greeted me. It was impossible to guess how old he was. He was wearing a white robe.

“Is this the lady you were talking about?”

“Oh yeah. Be gentle. If you disrespect my daughter in the slightest, you’ll be in big trouble.
And I’ll be away for a while, but the guards will be standing outside.”

Siebel’s face went white. He nodded his head convulsively.

“I will take special care of you.”

“Where are you going?”

I quickly grabbed the hem of Collen’s clothes.
Collen leaned over and looked into my eyes.

“Would you like to talk to this person for a minute? I’ll be right back.”

“But …”

“It’s okay. I’ll be back soon.”


I reluctantly let go of Collen’s hem. Collen walks out and a man named Siebel sat me down in a chair.

“Nice to meet you, lady.
My name is Siebel.”

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