“I just guessed by chance.
I didn’t think I would fit this far…”

I said in hastily.


Collen just cut it.

“If it’s a coincidence twice, it’s inevitable,” Collen whispered to me.
“Anyway, you don’t seem like an ordinary person.”


“I guess you…”

I nervously swallowed a dry saliva.

“You seem to be a genius.”


Jade nodded seriously.

“I think that’s right. I was considered a gifted child, but this girl is more than me and my father in some ways. This is a completely different level. And if you add the fact that you never even got an education…”

“It’s not like that.

I blushed and shook my head. Genius. It doesn’t sound right.

Did I have just pretend I didn’t know everything? I felt very sorry for Elise.

“Can you memorize a book that you only read once? Can you remember all the letters you read once or memorize shapes you have never seen?” Jade asked me again.

“If I were that kind of person, would I have lived as a beggar on the street? Besides, I didn’t know how to read.”

As we drove through the streets, the back alley where I lived appeared before my eyes.

Ah, it’s a little gloomy there. It still hurts me to look at this street.

‘It will be very cold there this winter.’

Jade studied my expression with a sidelong glance.

“I’m really normal.”

“I have to do one test. There are doctors Jade met when he was little. They will tell you if you are talented or not.”


I pursed my lips.

‘No, I’m not talented at all. And my reasoning is based on the books that I read in a past life.’

I couldn’t say that. Collen laughed at me.

“As expected, you are my daughter. You deserve a better future.”

Collen smiled and stroked my hair.

I only hugged the teddy bear. A test will, of course, determine that I’m not a genius. This doesn’t mean that I will cease to be your daughter?

Anxiety about being kicked out.

It stabbed my heart again.

“You must be hungry. It was such an exciting ride.”

Collen had no idea how I was really feeling right now.

When the carriage stopped in front of the house, Zion greeted us.

“Welcome. But you arrived so late…”

“Leticia is hungry. Prepare something.”

“Everything is ready.
But the lady looks tired.”

Collen took me in his arms and carried me. I was helpless against this technique. Zion looked at me pointedly.

“Many interesting things have happened, Zion,” Jade said lazily.

Collen continued with a smile.

“And most importantly, my daughter is a genius.”

Is it just getting worse?

After dinner and washing I felt like I was going to die of exhaustion.

I went to bed in my pajamas, holding a teddy bear in my hands. Then I heard a knock on the door.

Who is it?

Door opened. Jade was sticking his head out.


“I came to see if you were okay.” Jade looked at me and asked quietly.

“I’m fine.”

I answered helplessly.

“Why do you look depressed every time we drive through the streets in a carriage?”

Jade asked an unexpected question.

I fidgeted with the teddy bear’s ear and chose my words for a moment.

“I lived in an alley. Every time we crossed it reminded me of the cold when I lived there.
I guess it’s just engraved on my body.”

Even as I said this, my arms and legs were throbbing. I feel a coldness from the past.

It’s a miracle that I’ve never had frostbite.

“And it’s all?”

“… Sometimes I think about my friends.”

But my heart kept beating.
Jade stroked my hair and left.
I quietly put my hand on my head.

I looked at my hand silently.

‘I saw a vision today when Collen’s hand touched my body.’

It is different from recalling the contents of a book from a previous life.

‘Why the hell? How am I supposed to explain this?’

But why or when it came to mind, I couldn’t figure out either.
I opened and closed my hands several times.

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