A heated discussion broke out in the living room.

Duke Collen remained silent for a long time. He did not take his eyes off the red flowers.

“What a pity to see the poor girl in such a condition,” Lady Marianne said thoughtfully, tilting her head to one side.
She continued, “But the temple can no longer accept children. Should I take her with me and raise her to become a priestess?”

“This is a child, not a pet, Aunt Marianne,” Jade said bluntly.

“Who said she would be a pet? If she goes to the temple, at least she will receive proper food and education,” objected Lady Marianne.

“Auntie, going to church means becoming a nun. I doubt that she will be happy with this outcome, because she will have to limit herself in many ways.”

“So you’re suggesting that we should leave this little girl?” Marianne asked.

“If we hire this little girl as a servant, people will think Duke is kidnapping the children,” Jade snorted at that.

Collen looked up suddenly.

“I’ll take this into consideration. Should I give her a room in the mansion, or…”

Jade frowned.

“Father, your jokes are not funny at all.”

“I’m not joking,” said Duke Collen.

“…What?!” the other two exclaimed in one voice, quivering their eyes in shock.

“Why doesn’t get her to know a better life? There is nothing wrong with that. The girl wants to be something better than a beggar. Who are we to suppress her dreams?” Said Duke Collen.

“Why are you speaking like a normal person? Someone stop him now. It doesn’t suit you,” Jade said.

“Don’t you two find her adorable? Isn’t that a good enough reason to take her in?” Collen asked.

“Are you going to hire her just because she’s cute?!” Duke’s sister and son exclaimed incredulously.

Duke Collen hesitated.

“…But not as a maid.”

Silence reigned in the room. Finally, someone spoke.

“Then how?” Lady Marianne asked.

The corner of Duke Collen’s lips lifted, but he said nothing. He put one of the flowers in his pocket.

‘Just to think, some rag on the street brought me the clue. How delightful that her flowers were of that sort.’

* * *

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

The clock was starting to drive me crazy.

Have they forgotten about me? I wondered.

My legs hurt. Why doesn’t anyone come in? I didn’t know if I could sit on the sofa, so I just stood there and waited.

The minutes passed.

After a while, the door creaked open.

“Come on,” Duke Collen gestured to me.

I went out and sat down hesitantly.

Duke continued to speak.

“Firstly, the advertisement in the newspaper that you saw was made six months ago. I already have three people who have taken this position.”

“…Oh,” I could hardly hold back tears.

Why didn’t I check the date? I am such a fool, I expected anything, but not this…

However, Duke Collen hadn’t yet finished speaking.

“You said you would work regardless of pay?”

“Yes!” I exclaimed.

“Well, let’s say I’ll give you five gold coins a week. Do you agree to work for such a fee?” Asked Duke Collen.

‘How much is it, five gold coins?’ I tried my best to count. I’ve never seen even a single gold coin in my life. Did he say five gold coins a week? I think this is a good pay.

“I will do anything! Except murder, of course.”

For some reason, my answer made Lady Marianne and Lord Jade laugh. I really didn’t understand why.

Duke Collen looked surprised.

“Then I will make you a new proposal.”

What other proposal is there? Are you going to kill me?

I suddenly remembered something from the novel. Duke Lewellton loved to collect everything that piqued his interest, maybe he will add me to his collection? He continued.

“You will live in this house and receive five gold coins for your pocket money every week.”

I was completely confused. And how is this different from what he said before?

“Okay…” I replied.

Duke continued to speak:

“I never had a daughter. I never really knew what it was like to raise a daughter. Marianne doesn’t know anything about it either.”


“Why don’t you become my daughter? An adopted daughter of course, but nevertheless a daughter of the Duke,” said Duke Collen.

For a moment I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

So I asked innocently.

“…What kind of job is this?”

I will never forget the laughter that escaped Lady Marianne’s lips at that moment. Of course, I knew what adoption was, especially now that I have memories from my past life. But why does the Duke want to adopt me?

‘Is there a kind of maid called adopted daughter?’

“Hahaha! Hahaha, the adopted daughter isn’t a maid.
It is a position to be served by maids.” Her laughter was so loud that it was deafening.

‘To be the daughter of this house?’

When Lady Marianne saw the look on my face, she turned sharply to Duke Collen.

“Collen, you can only blame yourself! She got confused. First you offer her money, then you offer adoption. Anyone would be confused.”

“…Don’t be noisy, Marianne,” said Duke Collen with a slight smile on his face.

Suddenly I heard a knock at the door.

“I beg your pardon, sir!”

Door opened. A young man entered the room.

“Ah, butler,” Jade said.

Is that the butler? He looks much younger than I imagined.

“A member of the royal family wishes to speak with you, sir,” said the butler, addressing Duke Collen.

“Tell him to wait.”

“Sir, the prince himself has come to you,” the butler warned.

Duke didn’t even glance at the butler.

“Mm? I said I’m busy right now, so get out.”

‘To treat a member of the royal family like that… Duke must be very powerful.’

He looked into my eyes and touched my head with his rough hand.

“I don’t want you to be a maid. You are too young and too sweet.”

“I will soon grow up and be bigger! I will soon be seven!” I exclaimed.

“If I leave you to your fate, you will find yourself on the street. I don’t want that, so live here like my daughter.” Despite his sweet words, his tone was imperative.

The protagonist of this novel is clearly a psychopath.

Fear, anxiety, shock and excitement blended together. I wanted to say yes so badly. Becoming the daughter of the Duke is like winning the lottery.

“Well, what’s your answer?” Asked Duke Collen.

I closed my eyes.

Finally my suffering has come to an end.

“…Yes! I will become your daughter!” I blurted out excitedly.

My heart pounded wildly. Ah, I never would have thought this would happen. How lucky I am.

If human life were hours, and life’s adversities were arrows, then all my arrows would freeze in place.

Immediately after that, Duke Collen rang the bell. The young butler who had been here earlier has returned.

“Make sure she takes a bath,” ordered Duke Collen.

“Wait, is it that simple?” Marianne asked, eyes wide.

“Father, do you even know her name?” Jade asked.

“…The name she used to use on the streets, she no longer needs it. I will give her a new one,” said Duke Collen.

“Oh! Yes, I have a name!” I panicked. My mother gave me a name. I want to use at least something that she left me.

Duke Collen looked at me skeptically and turned to leave.

“My name is Lee!” I shouted after him.

He froze abruptly. My breath caught in my throat as he slowly turned his head.

“Your mother gave birth to you on Monday,” that wasn’t a question.

I nodded in amazement.

“In the ancient dialect, Lee means Monday. Few people remember it now,” Duke Collen smiled and left.

The butler reminded us of his presence by addressing Lady Marianne.

“Milady, a man has come to you from the temple.”

“Oh, has he already come? What a pity…” She stood up with a sigh and turned to me.

“I serve in the temple and cannot sit here for a long time. However, I now have a new, lovable family member, so we’ll see you again soon.”

“Yes, lady!” I exclaimed.

“Well, then that’s it for today. See you guys,” Lady Marianne said to Jade and me.

Jade looked at me appraisingly for a while. This boy had such doll-like features. After a moment, he also left.

“Please follow me,” the butler turned to me.

I can’t believe it.

Ba-dump, my heart was still beating.

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