“Sure you remember?”

“…I can name them even in my sleep.”

Could you introduce to me that bad guys?”

It was as if he was asking them to introduce him to a good person.
Percy’s friends… The people who bullied Elise? You want to introduce your food?

“If you name them, I will let you go. All thanks to my daughter,” Collen said.

Jade sat down next to Leon. He put his hand on the shoulder of the man who was still in chains and spoke in a friendly tone:


“Uh, huh?”

“Next time you run into me, you can say hello to me.
I’m starting to like you.”


Leon was pale as a ghost.
Jade smiled like an angel and whispered.

“But if you pretend to know my sister, you will die by my hands.
And it was good, but you killed your sister’s enemy too easily.
If it were me, I would have done it painfully.
And very slowly,” Jade licked his lips and muttered.


I just opened my mouth.

I underestimated this rich man.

“A lot of junk is better than one nasty one.
Don’t worry.
I’m an expert at cleaning up trash.
If you do something wrong, you’ll be punished,” said Collen sweetly.

Right. Collen’s Law.

‘Collen puts a murderer and a rapist on the same level.’

Collen absorbs the magical powers of the human body. And he calls these people ‘food’.

He only eats on three occasions.

First, eat the killer.

Second, if he finds someone who has just died.

Third, deal with those who touched the innocent woman.
The third is a crime more serious than murder.

‘Although I think that the people who bullied Elise surely will be dead…’

Leon and Ledin had a puzzled look on their faces.
Me too.

* * *

The sunset was setting outside.

“Did we really survive?”

“This makes no sense.”

Leon and Ledin walked out of the rotting warehouse. They looked around, unable to believe what had happened.

“Are you really letting us go?” Leon glanced at us while holding Ledin’s hand.

“Yes. However, those who have tasted blood once won’t be the same. I’ll leave a mark on you guys. And if you do something else, I will catch you before you know it.”

Leon and Ledin looked at their bodies.

“Do you think you can see it with your eyes?”

Jade sounded like it was absurd. I also looked at their bodies.

They had black magic on them, that mark Collen had left?

“Come on, honey.”

Collen gestured to me. I went up to Duke. Collen hugged me. Jade opened the carriage door.


Collen turned around to hug me.

“I ate well.”

…I’m sorry, what? Leon and Ledin were still alive.

“What… are you talking about?” Leon narrowed his eyes.

“When we found Percy.
He was just dead.”

Collen whispered like a demon.
My eyes got bigger too.

“Ah, it’s comforting to think that Percy is such a scumbag. And this is a person whom I have known for a long time. But now it has become my father’s food.”

“Yeah? What does it mean?”

Leon didn’t understand.

Bam. The carriage door slammed shut in front of my eyes. Only then did I understand everything.

“Go over there, count 3, walk ten steps and take a deep breath. Then call those two fliesand come back. We will look at the body.”

What Collen told me.

‘…Collen’s Second Law of Food.’

If you happen to find a fresh dead body, absorbs it’s magic power.

So Percy was like a fish jumping to the fisherman. You can just take it and eat it.

As a parent, Collen sat me on his lap.

“With this baby, it was so much fun. Cleaning the trash is always fun,” Collen said.

The carriage started moving again.

“And now I understand, Leticia.”


“About your personality.”

My back stiffened. I looked at him in surprise.

What about my personality?

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