“It was me who committed the crime. Please free Ledin. Use me as a test subject for black magic, kill me, or hand me over to the police, whatever you want.”

“I don’t need any test subject. All these rumors about my family are nonsense.
By the way, you’re pretty smart.”

Collen put his hand to his chin and thought.
Leon’s gaze reached me.

“Finally, I have one question. How did the lady know that I was going to meet Ledin at this place.”

Jade and Collen’s eyes were now sharp as daggers. I opened my mouth.

“You said it yourself— I’m from the alley too. And if I had an accomplice… he would either hide on the island until the police left, or he had to run away and meet me somewhere. I visited Lennox Island for the first time, but I have known the bridge near it for a long time.”

“…Are you talking about the Pinel Bridge?”

I nodded.

“The bridge is close enough to get to it. And the hole under the bridge leads to an underpass.”

“And where does this information come from?”

“All street kids know about it.”

“Incredibly smart girl,” said Leon, pale and tired.

“Did you understand everything from this little clue?” Jade bit his lips and said.

“Yes, that’s right.”

But thanks to fantasy. And I understood everything else thanks to mystical novels, which I read in a past life.

“And I was curious.
What is the story of a brother who had no choice but to kill his dead sister’s fiancé?”

It was more sad because it was an understandable story.

“What are we going to do now?”

I saw Collen thinking.

‘Will we kill them, as usual, without mercy?’

I hope not. That’s why I told them to listen to the whole story first.

“Actually, I had a hunch that someone killed Percy today.
So I thought I’d investigate Jax and Leon as the two suspects in detail later to find the culprit.”

“I don’t know about Ledin, but Leon senior meets my father’s ‘condition’.”

Jade said lazily. Leon and Ledin couldn’t understand the conversation between them.

“What do you think Jade?”

Jade put his hand to his mouth.
The lips of the boy, who was as beautiful as a doll, moved.

“I sympathized them.”


“Yes. I’m also an older brother now. If someone puts a hand on my sister’s body even this much…”

It was creepy. A chill ran down my spine.

‘What is this feeling?’

A feeling of coldness in the stomach.

But that feeling soon disappeared.

“I don’t even want to imagine that, but if I had to imagine it even slightly, it would make me wonder if I could kill one of these two identical looking guys right now to vent my anger.”

Leon and Ledin’s faces turned pale.
Can you get any paler out there? I felt sorry for them.

“Anyway, I sympathize with you. I think I can close my eyes once.”

Collen suddenly looked at me.

“But Leticia, what do you think?”


Collen pointed to Leon.

“Do you want to side with them too?”


If not… then what?

“If that’s the case, I don’t want to let him live,” Collen raised an eyebrow.

“Ah, if you think so, I’ll just vote for killing them,” Jade shrugged.

Was the vote appropriate here? What does it matter, which side am I on?

‘Is Collen jealous like a child?’

Don’t side with anyone but me.
Is it this kind of psychology? My mind was complicated.

‘Elise, a deceased young girl.’

If I hadn’t seen that vision, poor woman.
My chest was throbbing.


I opened my mouth carefully.

“I don’t know about those two, but I feel sorry for Elise.”

Looking into my eyes, Collen smiled. Why is he laughing?

“I just want you to make a choice and then not regret it.”

I know who you are, Collen. Dark Hero. Doing dirty job. But Ledin and Leon are different from the criminals you were killing.

“Okay. Actually, I want to say thank you, honey,” Collen whispered.
“Thanks to you, I almost missed an important fact.”


So Collen had some empathy? He must have changed his mind after hearing Elise’s story.

I was about to tell them not to kill them and take them to the police, but I shut my mouth as if I had eaten honey.

“Leon. Do you remember the names of those evil friends of Percy? The guys who were in that villa that day. Where can you find them?” said Collen very sweetly.


Leon’s eyes widened.

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