“Father, when you say such a thing, you should cover your child’s ears.”

Jade put the dagger in his arms as he spoke curtly.


I squeezed Jade’s collar tightly.
Jade put his hand on my shoulder.

“Now, shall we start the interrogation as my daughter wishes?” Collen muttered languidly.

“Why and how did you do it?”


Leon opened his mouth carefully. I already knew what he would say.

‘A very simple swapping trick.’

When Leon went to cut the rose, he had already swapped with his twin brother.

Ledin was talking to us while Leon was killing Percy at the same time.

“Percy died without making a sound.”

I said.

“Did you use the medicine?”

“…You are such a clever girl. I covered his mouth with a towel soaked in sleeping pills. Percy was easy to lure. He always gave Elise blue things. Conversation with memories of Elise directed Percy to the right place.”

According to Leon, Elise’s belongings were full of blue things.

“After sending the signal, the mirrors changed again.”

“Yes. At that time, Ledin and I changed again.”

Leon nodded. I watched Leon quietly. I waited for him to tell the main part.

“I don’t regret it. This Percy, he mocked Elise.”

Leon said with an accent.

“My family was so poor that we had no choice but to give Ledin up for adoption.”

Leon continued his explanation.

“And then his new family fell apart. Ledin became a street child. It’s surprising that she’s from a back street… Oh yes, I think we met once.”

I suddenly came to my senses.
no way…

“It was when we were fifteen.
Didn’t Leon become cheerful like everyone else one day? At that time, he must have eaten something wrong, but at some point he became the personality he has now.”

Jax’s words.
If so, maybe…?

“…Leon-sama, did the two of you live as if you were one?”

“That’s right.
We shared identities.
We looked alike among twins.”

Leon quietly answered my question.

“Because the tuition fees were high. I wanted to give Ledin a noble life.”

“You had to practice to look like the same person,” I muttered.

“Oh, that’s why you weren’t like yourself sometimes,” Jade said.
“So why did you kill Percy?”

“Because Percy killed Elise.”


“Elise has grown to be amazingly beautiful day by day. Then, there were even men who offered her to accept marriage proposals straight to Percy’s family because they would pay a penalty for breaking the engagement.
People with titles and wealth.
Percy knew that…”

“It is obvious. Percy, who only had money, reacted awkwardly to his vulnerability,” Collen muttered.

“That’s right.”

Leon nodded with an expression of enduring pain.

“Is that all?”

I asked quietly. Leon looked at me with eyes that seemed to see something unknown.

“You are a very mysterious girl. As if another person lives in this small body…”

“The little lady is right. This is not all. Percy took Elise by force while they were at the country house. There were some of Percy’s bad friends there as well.”


Jade commented. Contempt appeared on his face.

“The problem is…” Leon hesitated.
“When Percy got drunk, the rest of the guys in the cabin also touched Elise. There were a lot of people…”

Devilish guys.
I swallowed my words.

“Did Elise commit suicide?”

Leon looked at me gloomily.

“My lady, among noble families, when a single person ‘died of pneumonia’ usually means suicide. Before she died, she told us the whole truth and burst into tears. Elise cut her wrist.”

You wanted to kill Percy the same way.”

I already knew that. I didn’t even know Elise’s face, but my heart ached again. Collen asked:

“So you killed him for revenge? This guy.”

Collen pointed at Ledin.

“You didn’t grow up with your little sister, did you?”

“Ledin, me and Elise… for the only time in our life we ​​spent a happy time together, in a cottage outside the city. This is the only moment that we have had as brothers and sister. That memory has kept us alive until now.”

My hands trembled. This is the same memory that opened up to me.

‘But how on earth?’

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