A man entered with a tightly pulled hat. He looked with terrible eyes at the people in the carriage.

“Let Leon go!”

He exclaimed. The voice sounded familiar to me. He slowly raised his head. It was the same face as Leon.

‘Twin brother. That’s right.’

Everything was exactly as expected.

‘The fantasy I saw… It was Leon’s memory.’

Leon playing with a child presumed to be Elise.
At first, it was an illusion, and I thought that Leon seemed to be two people.
When I thought about the incident, it wasn’t like that.

In the fantasy, two twins were playing with young Elise.

“Let go of my daughter.”

Collen said with an expressionless face.

“If you let her go now, I will kill you quickly. Without tortures.”

Collen said with a chuckle. I felt the twins froze.

“Let Leon go first. Otherwise this girl…”

“Otherwise this girl?”


“Do you want to leave a scar on my daughter’s cheek? Cut her neck? Would you like to touch her with your finger.”

Collen slowly raised her hands.

“Do you think you will go away unpunished?”


The next moment, the twins flew out of the carriage, as if thrown by something invisible.

“Ledin!” Leon exclaimed.

A lump of black magic power.

It was like tying red-haired murderer William up before.
He hit Ledin in the face as if with a whip.


Ledin tumbled through the mud. Snakes wrapped around his body. It was black magic.

Jade then snatched the dagger from his hands and held it to Leon’s neck. Ledin hit his head against the wall.

Jade looked at Collen.

“Father, myself.”

Jade said lazily. I screamed quickly.

“Wait! Wait a bit!”

Jade and Collen stared at me at the same time with surprised eyes.

“I want to listen to these people!”



I said sincerely.

“Okay,” Collen said.

He grabbed Ledin, flung open the carriage door and threw him on the floor.

“But this man dared to point a knife at my baby, so first I will cut off his hands.”

My face turned white. No, it’s like killing him! If you cut off both of his hands, he will die right there!

“I’m fine! He didn’t even touch me.

I waved both hands. My injured shoulder throbbed.

Collen raised his eyebrows. A black chain bound Ledin’s body. Jade removed the knife from Leon’s neck.

Only then did I notice that Ledin was wet. As if he was swimming in the river.

“Oh, that’s how you did it.”

Jade muttered.

“It was two people.
Since when have they changed?”



“And which of them killed Percy?”

Leon and Ledin looked at each other.

“And one more question.”

Collen looked at me.

“How did my daughter know all this?”

“…It’s not that important right now,” I swallowed dry saliva.
“Don’t you want to know how the murder happened?”

“My baby has a knack for manipulating me.”

Collen clicked his tongue.
At that moment, a chill went down my spine.

‘Now I can’t pretend I don’t know anything.’

If I’m right, that is.

“I have no interest in hearing stories of murderers, but I can’t help it if my baby wants it.”

As Collen beckoned, Jade put a knife to Leon’s neck and pulled him out.

There was a warehouse in an alley by the river that was not used by anyone.

The twins, Leon and Ledin, were seated in the center of the warehouse, tightly bound by the black energy that moved along with Collen’s fingertips.

I saw what I thought was a chain properly for the first time.
It was a black snake.

‘Did Collen summon it with magic?’

Collen held Leon’s chin, looked into his eyes, and whispered.

“I will free your mouth, if you bite your tongue I will torture the other to death.”

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