The police arrived and the frantic wait was over. The servicemen carried away Percy’s body.

“What a pity. A young man with a bright future. One cut on the wrist and it’s over. The wound was so deep that he died quietly and quickly. He must not have lasted even a few minutes.”

“Percy was good at swordsmanship. He knew exactly where all the veins and arteries were.”

Jax said grimly. I looked at him with strange eyes.

“You attract trouble in the last days, Duke.”

“What can I do with so many strange things happening in this city? It’s just a coincidence.”

The policeman nodded at Collen’s words. He was already familiar to us. Earlier, when the red-haired woman died of a heart attack in front of the dressing room, it was he who interrogated us.

“What is your name?”

Sergeant Sheldon.
You can call me that.”

“Can I go if Sergeant Sheldin’s questions are over?”

“Oh, sure. Thanks for your cooperation,” A policeman named Sheldon said him politely.

“Let’s go home, Leticia.”

Collen took my hand. I kept looking at Jax.

“Yes, then we’ll go there too.”

Leon came up crying and told us. He looked broken. I tugged at Collen’s sleeve.

“Duke, Leon is so sad.”


Collen bent down and looked at me. Jade, who was talking to the other cop, also came over.

“What’s the matter?”

“It hurts me to hear about Leon’s dead sister. Can we take him with us? I want to say words of comfort to him along the way.”


“How does it feel to lose your sister’s fiancee? And if he and Jax stay together, they will accuse each other of not keeping track of Percy.”

I burrowed into Collen’s arms and trembled.

“So sad.”

Collen touched my head.

“My baby is also nice.”

Jade leaned over to me. Then I saw Collen studying me intently.

“You’re scared, honey.”

I shook my head slightly.

“Can you do what I said?”

“If it’s you, I can’t refuse. Come here, Leon.”

Jade seemed indifferent. Leon looked at what was happening.


Jade pushed Leon on the back and put him on the boat.

‘Maybe this is the way to save Leon. Rather than going alone with Jax.’

If I’m right, that is.
Jax looked at us with surprised eyes.


The servant began to row.

Poor Jax kept getting farther and farther. There was silence in the boat.

The island where the blue rose turns red again. When I swam away from there, it was as if another world unfolded in front of me.

People scurried back and forth, all as busy as usual. The buildings in the capital were still beautiful. There were already carriages on the river bank.

“We will follow you in the carriage,” the servants said and left.

“Now I can take care of myself,” Leon said.

I have a bad feeling.

Leon’s face grew paler. One might think he was embarrassed by Duke’s kindness.

“No! You’re so pale that you might faint right now. Jade, come on, help Leon get into the carriage. We’ll take him.”

“Hurry up, did you say you are Leon?”

Collen pushed Leon into the carriage.

“It’s because our family’s educational policy is to listen to all the children’s whims.
A courtesy to give someone a ride in a carriage for a while is nothing if my daughter wants it.”

“Wait a moment…”

Before Leon could say anything, Collen closed the carriage door. Then he looked at me like asking: ‘Do you know something? Anything interesting.’ I swallowed nervously.

Soon the carriage departed. Leon looked at us like he was losing his mind. I went over all the thoughts that came into my head.

‘That makes sense.’

My reasoning is simple. Leon killed Percy with a very simple trap.

‘What I’m curious about is that story.’

Why? Why did you kill Percy this way? If that’s the reason as well, if I’m guessing right.

I wanted to tell Collen why.

‘Because if I don’t do that, I’ll feel uncomfortable.’

I know that Collen is a killer for justice, but he doesn’t always listen to everyone.
It’s also from the original story.

‘I don’t remember the end of the novel, but it was a little depressing.’

There was no happy ending for Collen in the novel.

‘And Leon was familiar.
If I’m right, it’s almost time to arrive.’

The carriage ran along the river. I looked out.

‘It’s here.’

An alley with no one around.
It was a slum.

“Oh, Duke!”

I grabbed his sleeve.


“The ribbon tied around the bear’s neck fell out of the window.”

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