Soon, servants with a boat came to pick us up, and one of them immediately had to cross the river again to immediately call the police.

‘I think we missed something.’

My stomach ached. I grabbed Collen’s hand tightly.

‘I feel strange.’

Feeling like something is entering my mind uncontrollably.

‘I don’t think it was suicide.’

But why? Why am I so sure? What can I tell them?

Thoughts that I couldn’t understand my mind. A whirlwind of thoughts about what happened.


Collen said to me:

“are you feeling bad?”


“Your complexion doesn’t look good.
Are you scared?”

Collen leaned over to me. He took off his gloves and put his hand on my forehead.

“You don’t have a fever.”

“I’m okay…”

How to understand this? At that moment, strange memories flowed into my head.

‘What’s this?’

It looks just like the vision I saw last time.
But this time it wasn’t a memory from a previous life.

Small house on a cliff. A place like a postcard, where waves flow under your feet. A boy and a girl were playing around the house.

‘What’s this? Why am I seeing this?’

Whose memories are these?

‘Besides, this boy’s face…’

The first person I saw today.
And he was someone who was familiar to me.

The little boy’s face circled in my head like an illusion.



I suddenly came to my senses.

Uh? Did I just see an illusion with my eyes open?

‘What was that, just now?’

It was no longer a memory of a past life, as before. Then what is it?

It was a really strange memory.

‘Who are these children?’

I move my lips unconsciously.

“You must have been very scared,” Jade said, staring at my face.

“Wait a bit. Let’s see what the police say.”

Even when the servants pulled the boat at the right time, they were kind.
Collen and Jade took me to wait at the boat.
Jade put his hand on my shoulder and patted me.

“You need to go home and rest.”

“That would be nice.”

At that moment, half of Collen’s nature was worried about me.
Collen and Jade spoke in a low voice.

“Is this murder?”

“This is murder.”

Collen looked strange. I held onto Jade’s hem.

“It was really weird. I wonder if someone is hiding on the island.”

“But there is only one road to the island. Moreover, the island is small and quiet. Even if someone comes by boat, you can’t come in without a sound.”

“A mermaid could be the culprit,” Jade joked inadvertently.

“We are investigating and finding out. Today I’m very lucky.”

Collen muttered in a low voice.

If this is a murder case, where was the culprit?

‘Which is more likely, the possibility that someone has been hiding on this small island from the beginning, or the culprit among us?’


‘Wait a minute, perhaps the illusion I saw…’

In that moment, I felt the puzzles in my head fitting together.
Like the novels I’ve read all the time in my past life.

‘If that’s the case, the front and back fit perfectly.
Besides, the culprit obviously made a mistake.’

Oh, that’s right.

‘If I’m really right.’

I swallowed nervously.


Memories came back when I grabbed Collen’s hand. But this time it was different. It wasn’t a memory of a past life… Oh, it was a hallucination of what happened in this world.

‘I think I know the truth.’

I think of the people I saw today.

‘I guess Collen intends to ‘hunt’ by uncovering the culprit?’

If you knew what I just saw, then you would understand everything. I saw Jax and Leon cry. Among them is the ‘sinner’ who will die at the hands of Collen.

The man who dies at the hands of Collen for killing Percy is…

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