Jade muttered involuntarily. A carved dagger was in Percy’s hand.

A wound emanating from the opposite wrist.
It looked like he had cut his wrist and died.


I clearly saw the corners of Collen’s lips slightly go up as he watched the scene.

…Are you laughing?


Collen called me. I nervously nodded.

“Go over there, count 3, walk ten steps and take a deep breath. Then call those two fliesand come back. We will look at the body.”


I was very nervous and did as Collen told me.
Take ten steps, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and then scream.

“It is very important!”

I screamed loudly.

Soon there was a loud noise, and the two ran.

“What’s happening?”

I silently pointed to the bush. At that moment, the faces of the two guys turned pale.

“This is what is happening!”

Jex’s expression was disbelief. Leon didn’t believe what was happening either and walked blankly to Percy. Tears flowed from his eyes.

“I never would have thought that Percy would have committed suicide. Our friend… who had a great future.”

“But we were alone. There was no one on this hill.”

Jax mumbled quickly, looking at Leon.

“The only way to get here is by boat. Obviously.”

Jax bit his lip as he spoke.
If someone didn’t kill him, than it’s suicide.
He seemed to want to say that.

“It’s my fault. I reminded him of my sister… Percy had been depressed for a long time, did I provoke him?”

Leon cried as if possessed by a ghost.
My heart ached.


But something was strange. Such impulsive suicide? Of course it happens. But why now?

‘Suddenly now, a year after his fiancee’s death?’

Obviously he was reminded of the story of his fiancee’s death, and Percy was sad. But before that, he was joking and looked bright.

I bit my lips slightly and thought about it. Then Collen came up to me.

“Are you scared?”

How many times I’ve seen people die already?

‘I really don’t know anything.’

The content of the novel, which I know, has already ended.

“Duke, by no means, I mean no disrespect to you.
But it was your family who found Percy’s body,” Jax cautiously spoke out.

“Before that, we stayed together, except for Percy. Only three members of Duke’s family went aside, and then it happened.”

“Ah, there’s no need to doubt that the three of us conspired to kill Percy and call you guys.
No matter how many rumors there are about our family.”

I wondered what these rumors were.

“Looking at how much blood has flowed and coagulation has progressed, he must have been dead for at least 30 minutes.
He died while we were all in the middle of talking.”

Jax bit his lips.

That means…”

“Is your name Leon? When you went to signal with the mirrors, Percy was already dead. We couldn’t have killed Percy in just a few seconds of your walk to the river. Jax saw where we were at the time.”

“Then… it’s suicide after all…”

But Collen had a very strange expression.

“I’m not a doctor or a detective. We’ll figure it out when the police arrive. But one thing is for sure: in the context of the situation, we can say that all the people present here are innocent. It’s just perfect suicide.”

He said it calmly. But it seemed to me that there was a hidden meaning behind Collen’s words.

Jax and Leon held each other’s shoulders and sobbed.
The time that passed after that was mindless.

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