‘As expected, the main character! It’s hugely popular.’

The boat left and Collen came up to me.

“Honey, are you having fun here?”

“Yes. Why did you here?”

“Of course I came to see you.
Weren’t you sad in the morning?”

Collen lifted me up.

I’m not so small anymore, but I’m always happy about this thing with a lift on his arms.
I laughed out loud.

“This is just an excuse, but in fact you wanted to walk along the river with those ladies?”

“No. I’m not making excuses.”

Collen pulled my cheek. Ugh, but I hate like this.

“My child is the only one who can make me go to the ends of the earth.”

I grabbed Collen’s hand. Collen put me on the ground and the three guys were now looking at me like ghosts.

“Duke…” Percy muttered.

I sensed that Collen was smiling secretly. Then, he looked at Jade and asked.


“Yes, father.”

“Who are these flies who dare to sit and drink near my daughter?”

Their faces, which had become three flying flies in an instant, turned white.

“Besides, drinking in front of my little daughter…”

They jumped up.

“Sir, excuse me.
We were just having a cup of tea…”

“Yes, yes. We didn’t do anything.”

Collen tilted hшы head and looked at them.


It was a short order.

“Duke, I’m sorry.”

Percy, Leon, and Jax were dumbfounded.

“Have you swallowed your tongues?”

Jade briefly explained:

“We know each other from the student council. It’s just a coincidence.”

“So are they flies or not?”

“It’s not something you should use pesticides for.”

It’s a soft-spoken conversation, but why is it getting more and more scary?

“Oh, it was just a joke. Don’t worry, it’s just my daughter is so pretty.”

Collen added in the end. But this wasn’t a joke. These people have already said goodbye to life.

“Did you finish so early? The National Assembly usually drags on for a long time.
It’s not like you’re jealous of the intimate time between siblings, right?”

“His Majesty isn’t working these days, so he asked me to finish early.”

“I wonder if this was really His Majesty’s decision.”

Jade gave it up. Collen casually sat between us.

“Anyway, nice to meet you.”

Cold sweat broke out on their backs as Collen looked at Jade’s friends and spoke to them.

“Come here honey.”

Collen called me. I picked up the bear and sat next to him.

“So what were you talking about?”

“I was telling the young lady about life in the capital.”

Was that how the fans reacted when they met the celebrity? Jax began to stutter.

‘Even though they look scared, these people look happy?’

I tilted my head.

‘Is Percy feeling unwell?’

Sure enough, Percy rose from his seat.

“I’ll get some fresh air after a drink a little.”

Percy said so and left.

“What’s happened? What is this look? If you have something to say, then say.”

“Well, I’m actually interested in Duke’s magical tool business.
I’m thinking of it as a subject for my graduation thesis.”

“Can you tell us what you are doing on the student council?”

As expected, Leon and Jax were Collen’s fans.
They asked with twinkling eyes.

“Leticia, are you curious too?”

Collen glanced at me briefly and asked.

“Umm- I’m curious about everything about the duchy.”

I answered with a smile.
Collen smiled.

“Okay, so shall I tell you?”

From that moment on, it was a surprisingly enjoyable time. Collen’s stories were so difficult that it was impossible to understand them, as if Collen was a foreigner and spoke a foreign language.

It suddenly became a bit chilly. The sunlight grew weaker. Jade looked at me and asked tenderly.

“Do you want to go home?”

I nodded slowly.

“Soon the servants will come with a boat.”

“Oh, I will also call our servants. Let’s give them a signal with mirrors.”

Leon got up.
He ran and came back almost immediately.

“Did the servants get the signal?” Jax asked.


Then we heard the sound of splashing water.

I pricked up my ears while holding the bear.

“There are so many waterfowl here,” Jax said freely.

“Percy looks weird. I think he got drunk.”

“Can I go now? Percy has mood swings…”

Oh right. Blue rose!

I jumped up from my seat.

“I want the Duke to see the blue rose.
It’s very pretty.”

“Is that so?”

This time I can show Collen the way to the rose bushes myself.

I was so excited that I tugged Collen by the sleeve.


Above the blue rose.
A man was lying on top of it.
I checked the man’s face completely frozen.


Jade muttered.

‘He’s dead…’

Dark red blood continued to flow from Percy’s wrist as he fell over the rosebush.

I covered my mouth and swallowed my screams.

‘It’s like trying to restore a rose to its original color.’

The blue roses were slowly turning red with red blood.

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