“What are you talking about?”

Leon suddenly appeared holding a bouquet of blue roses. He covered his face with his hat, as if he were hiding tears.

“Can I have a rose too?” I raised my head and asked.

Leon looked at me closely. Obviously, he didn’t want to hand out the roses he had collected for his sister. I smiled.

“Please, just one.
I’ll keep it.”

My teacher said that being kind to others is the foundation of courtesy.

“Looking at the look on your face, you must have heard the story. Yes. In fact, the reason I came here today is because of these blue roses… My deceased sister said she liked them. Oh, I didn’t want to spoil anyone’s mood…”

Percy and Jax were silent.

I was upset.

“In fact, when I was unpacking her luggage, I found a lot of all sorts of things. And everything is blue. She liked blue so much.”

Percy listened quietly to Leon.

“Thank you so much in many ways. I’m also grateful that after Elise you not getting engaged again.”

“Don’t say that.
My family is a family with only money.
It means a lot to me that I come from a prestigious family, and that someone like Elise, who is noble, is my first love.”

When he said this, Percy quickly closed his mouth.

“No. I’m just grateful. The Percy family didn’t ask us for jewelry or dowry money.”

“Give it up. My family is prosperous.”

The atmosphere became depressing. Jax noticed this and opened his mouth.

“Shall we all go see Elise after this?”

“Good idea. How happy Elise would be if Percy brought her a rose…”

Jax also touched the ridge of his nose, as if the tip of his nose was getting red.

‘It must be such a sad thing to be sobbing in front of others like this.
Too sad.’

Their relationship seemed warm. Leon turned away to hide his emotions.

“Here’s another interesting story. Lady, do you have any questions about life in the capital?”

“Actually, I didn’t see much in the city.”

I answered shyly.

“There are many nice places. I grew up in the countryside, and the capital is a truly new world in comparison. I still remember the first day at the academy. Tiles in a red glow and excitement when leaving the train station, bells and pigeons on the blue clock tower. It is a great success to spend my childhood in the capital.”

Umm, the back alleys in the capital where I grew up weren’t like that.

‘But I also think the blue clock tower at the train station is really pretty.’

“Leon talks like an old man.”

I smiled.

Percy got up and walked to the riverside, sipping champagne. I sat with a shawl on my lap. The sun was shining right in my face. I was just happy.

“I want to take a nap…”

I said without a second thought.

“Do you like it here?”

Jade asked.

“Yes. And I want to come again.”

Jade laughed.

“It will be for you.”

I laughed. I just want to lie here like a fresh bun in the sun.

“Falling asleep?”

“You have to wake me up.”

It is a small island with only five people. What if you leave me?

I’m still afraid that my new life is a dream that will disappear in the blink of an eye. Losing everything and living on the street again?

“Of course.”

Jade covered my head with his hat.

I fell asleep.

I heard people’s laughter vaguely, so I opened my eyes again.

‘How long have I slept?’

Rubbing my eyes, I saw an approaching boat.

“Uh? Who are these girls?”

Percy, standing with his friends by the river, muttered, looking at the boat. I saw a familiar face among women in bright dresses.

‘It’s Collen!’

I woke up instantly.


“Father?” said Jade

I was already running to the riverside.

Blue, red, white. Colorful umbrellas. And the laughter of women in lace dresses echoed throughout the island. Soon the boat stopped. A handsome man stepped off the boat.

“Thanks for the ride. It was fun.”

“See you next time, Duke.”

“Please come to our family ball once.”

The only man on the boat was my stepfather, Collen. If it were different, these young ladies would not be waving their arms with such an enthusiastic look.

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