I learned somewhere that to get a job in a noble family, you need something called a letter of recommendation.

‘Of course I helped him, but would he at least want to talk to me?’

I gathered all my courage into my little fist and decided to go and find Duke Lewellton.

While no one saw, I washed myself with water from a puddle and, as best I could, cleaned my shabby clothes.

‘Hmm… pretty. Maybe I should take them with me.’

I put the red flowers in my pocket.

‘Better than empty-handed.’

At dawn I made my way to Duke Lewellton.

“You said the Duke gave you this?” The guard asked.

“Yes. He gave it to me and told me to come here and find him.”

The guard pushed me to the ground and looked at me as if I had stolen this card.

It was when the carriage stopped in front of the door. It was a splendid golden carriage. A boy came out of it.

“What’s the matter?” He snapped.

That handsome guy was Jade, Collen’s son.

He must have come here to see Duke, I thought to myself.

“Who are you?” Jade asked and poked his forehead with his finger.

“There is something important I have to tell Duke. I would like to meet him.”

“…I’ll take you to him, follow me,” Jade said.
And I followed him and entered Duke’s estate.

All the servants had surprise on their faces when they saw me. I was already familiar with this look. I looked unkempt and poor, and no one wanted to come near me.

“Come in,” Jade led me into the living room. Duke Collen was already there.

“You…?” when he saw me, he immediately got up from his seat.

“Father, do you know this girl? She had your card. You don’t give it to anyone, maybe she stole it…” Jade suggested.

“No. I know this girl. She came to the right place.”

“What?! Do you know this kid?” Jade looked at me in surprise, as if he was looking at a piece of shit.

“Yes. She helped me… in one case.”

“Yes, in one…” I agreed.

I was so scared right now. My whole body was trembling, but I had to speak.

“Have you recruited maids yet?” I asked bluntly.

“What?” Collen frowned.

I was scared. He looked like a beast.

“Why are you asking?” Collen asked.

“In the newspaper! I saw in the newspaper that you want to hire a servants! Since I helped you, I would like to ask you if you would like to hire me?” I blurted out excitedly.

“You? But you have only skin and bones.”

“Yes, me!” I exclaimed in the affirmative and then immediately continued.
“I am very strong! Even if I only eat once a day, I am energized! I have a lot of energy and I can do anything.”

“Anything?” Collen asked.

“I can mop the floor, do the laundry and… since I’m small, I can even clean the chimney.”.

The more I spoke, the quieter everything around me became.

“Oh, really?” Then a voice rang out from behind me.

I turned to look and saw a beautiful woman.

It was a woman with long black hair.

“My name is Marianne,” she introduced herself.

“Ah…” I was amazed at her beauty.

She was Collen’s sister.

In an instant, information from the novel entered my head.

Just like she was portrayed in the novel, she was a great beauty.

“Girl, where are your parents?” Marianne asked.

“I don’t have parents. Although I had a mother…”

Everyone turned to look at me.

“She got sick and died a few years ago,” I continued.

“…Where do you live?” Jade asked.

“Nowhere, I have no home,” I replied.

“Then where do you sleep if you don’t have a home?” Jade asked again.

“Anywhere where I can…” I replied.

Oh no! I made a mistake! I shouldn’t give that impression of myself!

“At night I collect discarded blankets. The alley in which I sleep is very clean, I don’t carry any infections!” I somehow tried to smooth out the impression of myself.

The room became quiet again. It was so embarrassing that I wanted to die. Then Marianne leaned over to me and said.

“You look pretty cute.”

“Thank you,” I blushed.

“Yes, child. My brother gave you his card, which means we can do something for you. Hmm… why do you want to become a maid?” Marianne asked.

I swallowed.

“I want to become different…”

“Become different?” Marianne asked again.

“Yes. I don’t want to be a beggar. I want to change my life,” I replied.


Nobody answered. I became even more nervous.

“I don’t want to live in poverty. I want to be a normal girl. When I go to the playground, other children throw stones at me. I want to be a normal girl who will be accepted by others!” I said in a strangled tone.

I’m the same, and I’m now completely different person.

I used to be a happy fool who lived carefree on the street, but remembering my previous life, now I understand my mistake.

I only walked at night or at dawn, fearing that I would be caught and put in a cage. Before I remembered my past life, I thought it was natural how other people to treat me like that.

Marianne asked me in a low voice.

“So what is the real reason for your visit?”

“Yes, I don’t know where else to ask for help…” I answered, and after a moment I added.
“I’m sorry…”

Marianne whispered softly.

“Oh, child, what is this?”


There was a petal on my sleeve. I was sure I had cleaned my clothes. My cheeks turned red.

I was embarrassed and pulled out the flowers that I took with me from my pocket.

“Here, this is for you all,” I said, addressing everyone.

“How sweet, thank you,” she thanked.

Collen’s face changed when he saw these flowers.

He bent down and began to speak in a low, dangerous voice.

“Where did you get these flowers?”

“Someone brought them…”


“Flowers were there when I woke up this morning.”

I briefly explained about the boy who sells flowers.

Initially, I planned to give them as a guest. My late mother told me not to visit without a present. Although I vaguely remember everything because it was so long ago, but… she was right.

Did he suspect that I stole the flowers?

But these red flowers are not a very good gift.

They looked shabby and faded.

Collen reacted after a few seconds. He held out his hand, and I hurriedly gave him the flowers.

The following question from Marianne was my salvation.

“What payment are you expecting?”

I looked into her charming eyes and answered.

“I think that half of the salary of an adult is enough for me.”

I will do whatever I am told, but I can’t work as much as an adult, because I am small. Collen was lost in thought.

“Half. Half…?”

Collen spoke up.

“Okay, but I have to check a few things before this.”


“How did you find William?” He asked.

I gave the answer that I thought about last night.

“I just thought he looked like the man on the wanted poster. It was just my guess.”

“Oh, you recognized him. You have excellent eyesight. But why, of all people, did you ask me for help?”

Collen’s question was odd.

‘Are you trying to guess me?’

That’s natural too.
That’s enough to raise suspicion.
I gave a prepared answer.

“It was just a coincidence.”


“Yes, I wanted to ask someone for help, and… you were the only one standing out from the crowd, you are so handsome and tall…”

“Really?” A smile appeared on Collen’s face.

“Yes, you look like you can fight bad people. If there were guards there, I would have turned to them, not you.”

“Then, one more question…” Collen’s suspicions were reflected on his face, his narrowed eyes focused on me. Then he asked.
“How did you know that I wanted to go to the station?”

“It was obvious. A rich gentleman like you wouldn’t walk across the alley. If you hadn’t hurried and listened to me, that bad man would have done more trouble.”

Collen looked at me, then said.

“You are very smart.”

Have I cleared up his suspicions? I thought to myself and looked at him nervously.

“Stay in the next room for a while.”

Collen pointed to the door instead of saying he was going to hire me.

Marianne added sweetly.

“We will have a discussion, we will soon inform you of our decision.”

‘Please, I don’t care if I’m a cleaner or a cook, or work in a stable.’

I went into the next room and stared at the interior, trying to hide my concern.

The living room and this room were furnished with good, expensive furniture. I definitely liked it.

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