Will I have such a friend?

They were thrilled when they told their stories. As if competing, each told a funny story from the life of the capital.

Rumors, circus with clowns, museums and other events.

The stories from the outside world are so good.

“If you make your socialite debut, be sure to come to my house prom!”

“Your house ball is like a nerd.
My family’s better for the first ball.”

Jax and Percy were teasing each other mischievously.

‘Does it feel like being treated as an aristocrat rather than a child?’

It was weird. Jade cut them off:

“She’s too young to be a socialite. My father and I will decide for ourselves where to go and where not.”

“…Jade, then I can’t go anywhere?”

He glanced at me.

“When you will be grown up.
Then select and go.
Only safe places.”


I would be grateful if they could take me somewhere to a new place right now.
I nodded and smiled bashfully.

“Oh my God. How can you be so small and cute?”

Jade spoke coldly at the sound of Percy’s sobs.

“Stop calling someone else’s sister cute in the language of an animal.”

“I didn’t mean anything like that, Jade…”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen him like that, he always walks around with a arrogant winter-like atmosphere.
Jade is different compared to his family.”

I’m not his real sister.
I began to think about whether I should correct their misunderstanding.

“Is Jade really obsessed with the poison of the blue rose?”

Percy, Jax and Leon took turns talking like on a talk show.


“That’s Jade.”

“That’s right.”

They were so funny fooling aroundI held back my laughter.

“Then I’ll go see roses for a while.
I want to pick a blue rose for my little sister.”

“Ah…then shall I go with you?”

Percy’s eyes turned serious.

“No. I’m not stupid enough to believe in the legend of the blue rose.”

“What nonsense that people die because of the scent of the rose.”

“Well, it’s absurd that people die from the scent of roses.”

“My sister really liked roses.
Excuse me then.”


When Leon got up, both Percy and Jax’s expressions darkened.

What’s happened?

“Are you okay?”

“Oh yes, it’s okay.”

“Leon’s sister died last year. When he goes to pick flowers, it means that he will carry them to his sister’s grave,” said Jax.


“His sister’s name was Elise and she was a wonderful beauty. And she… She was Percy’s fiancee.”

My heart ached. And at the same time, I got curious.

“Was his sister sick?”

Could this girl have had the same disease as I had in my previous life?

For some reason, Jax hesitated.

“She died because of pneumonia.”

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